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About the Department


The goal of MD course in Anesthesia is to produce a knowledgeable and skillfulanesthesiologist who


Department of anaesthesia makes sure that the candidatedevelops in all frontsi.e. cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain as it is important foranaesthesiologist to work as member/team leader in various clinical and criticalsituations in OR and outside OR. Candidate should be able to demonstratefollowing at the end of training.


After the internship in the department of Anesthesiology an intern shallacquire knowledge, skill and attitude to


The innovative new curriculum has been structured tofacilitate horizontal and vertical integration betweendisciplines, bridge the gaps between theory & practice.


Specialized services provided by the department

Pain Management Clinic

Specialized Intensive care services provided by the department


Specialized equipment available in the department

List of Anesthesia Equipments
Sr. No. Name of Equipment
1 Anesthesia workstation
2 Boyles Machine
3 Multipara monitors without ETCO2
4 Multipara monitors with ETCO2
5 Multipara monitors with ETCO2 with invasive BP
6 Defibrillators
7 Ventilators
8 Laerdal Manikin CPR adult
9 Laerdal Manikin CPR pediatric
10 Laerdal Manikin difficult airway
11 Peripheral Nerve locator
12 Syringe infusion pump
13 Heating Mattress
14 Fibreoptic Laryngoscope
15 Pulse Oximeter
Photographs of the Anesthesia Equipments

Specialty clinics being run by the department

Our department runs a specialized Preoperative Assessment Clinic. We also evaluate patients preoperatively the day before surgery. Our involvement in preoperative assessment is designed to evaluate, optimize and minimize the risk to the patient.

Chronic Pain Services are provided in a specialized clinic as well as for indoor patients by a group of consultant staff for cancer and chronic non cancer pain. The pain team utilizes the latest pharmacological, and interventional x-ray guided pain control techniques.

Services provided by the Department

Yes all related services.

Departmental Research Lab.


Departmental Museum

Available & Updated


1. Indian Available
2. Foreign Available
3. Digital Available


Publications from the department during last 3 years

Sr .No. Name of Authors Citation Year of Publication
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2 Dr. H.K. Kale,
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Evaluation of Effectiveness of Buprenorphine for Post-operative Analgesia in Terms of Duration, Quality and Side Effects by Different Routes of Administration.
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3 Dr. H.K. Kale,
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4 Dr. H.K. Kale,
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