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Comprehensive understanding of Dentistry, Orofacial structures, the Dentition, Maxillary and Mandibular jaws and the Diagnosis, Treatment, Prevention, Restoration and Rehabilitation of the common dental problems



Various Diseases, Syndromes, Lesions, Disorders manifesting and affecting the Oral cavity, the Jaws and the TM joint. Effects of Dental Caries, Gingival and Periodontal diseases and Malocclusion.

  • Examination of the Oral cavity and the TM Joint Local Anaesthesia Administration.
  • Dental block Exodontia.
  • Emergency management of Maxillofacial Trauma.
  • Plaque control and Oral health care regimen.


The broad goal of effective treatment to the patients can be obtained through integration with departments of ENT, Ortho and Surgery.


Specialized services provided by the department

The center is uniquely skilled to achieve normal facial aesthetics with functional rehabilitation with normal bite. Maxillofacial Trauma Care Center

Surgeries performed

Specialized Intensive care services provided by the Department

Specialized equipment available in the department

Sr. No. Name of Instrument & Equipment
1 Dental Chair with unit with attached halogen light, attached spittoon, three way syringe, control box
2 Pedestal X-ray machine with electronic control panel
3 Air compressor
4 Air rotor contra angled hand piece
5 Micro motor with straight & contra angled hand piece
6 Ultra sonic scalar with hand piece with tips
7 Boiling water sterilizer
8 Dental extraction forceps
9 Hand held scalar set
10 Plastic filling instrument set
11 diagnostic instrument set
12 Intraoral camera

Specialty clinics being run by the department


Departmental Museum

Charts and Dental Education Models available


Publication from the department during last 3 years

Sr .No. Name of Authors Citation Year of Publication
1 Dr. Manisha Pagar- Marathe Efficacy of poly-l-lactic,polyglycolic acid plates and screws for the internal rigid fixation of mandibular fractures JIDA-Journal of Indian Dental Association March 2015,Vol 9(3),Page 08 2015
2 Dr.Manisha Pagar-Marathe,
Dr. C. R. Nampurkar,
Dr. D. K. Sonawane,
Dr. Rachana Chindhade.
Open reduction internal fixation for low subcondylar/ramus fracture and high condylar fractures-A case report MVP Journal of Medical Sciences 2014,Vol 1(2), Page 104 2014