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The basic idea of undergraduate students teaching and training in Otolaryngologyis that he/she should have acquired adequate knowledge and skill for optimally dealing with common disorders and emergencies in ENT and basic principal of hearing rehabilitation.


A postgraduate Specialist having undergone the required training should be able to recognize the health needs of the community should be competent to handle effectively medical and surgical problems and should be aware of the recent advances pertaining to his specialty. The PG student should acquire the basic skills in teaching of medical/ para- medical students. She/he is also expected to know the principles to research methodology and modes of consulting library.


At theend of course the student shall be able to:
  • Describe the basic pathophysiology and common Ear, Nose, Throat diseases and emergencies
  • Adopt the rationale use of commonly used drugs, keeping in mind their side effects.
  • Suggest common investigative methods and their interpretation.
At the End of Postgraduate Training The student should be able to:
  • Practice his specialty ethically
  • Demonstrate sufficient understanding of Basic Sciences related to his specialty
  • Diagnose and Manage majority of conditions in his Specialty (Clinical and with the help of relevant investigations)
  • Plan and advice measures for the prevention and rehabilitation of patients belonging to his specialty
  • Play the assigned role in the implementation of National Health Programs
  • Demonstrate competence in Basic concepts and Research Methodology
  • Develop good teaching skills


At the end of course the student shall be able to:
At the end of course the student shall be able to :


The undergraduate training in E.N.T will provide an integrated approach towards other disciplines especially neurosciences, ophthalmology and general surgery.


Specialized services provided by the department

Specialized Intensive care services provided by the Department

Specialized equipment available in the department

Sr. No. Name of the Equipments
1 Carl Zeiss OPMI Vario S 88 Floor Stand Operating Microscope
2 Nasal Endoscopes 0 deg, 45 deg, 70 deg.
3 Microdebrider for Nasal & Sinus surgeries
4 Pure Tone Audiometer / BERA / OAE
5 All kinds of surgical instruments used for Ear, Nose & Throat operations
6 Microlaryngeal Endoscopes & Instruments
7 Ventilating Bronchoscope & Instruments
8 Carl Storz camera
9 Fibreoptic Bronchoscope
10 Sleep Lab
11 CO2 laser

Specialty clinics being run by the department

Sr. No. Name of the Clinic
1 Otology related
2 Rhinology related
3 Cancer related
4 Vertigo Clinic


Departmental Research Lab

Departmental Museum


Publication from the department during last 3 years

Sr .No. Name of Authors Citation Year of Publication
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2 Dr. Shreeya Kulkarni Endoscopic Septoplasty A Retrospective Analysis of 415 Cases
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