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Under Graduates (UG)

The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate student in Psychiatry is to impart such knowledge and skills that may enable him to diagnose and treat common psychiatric disorders,handle psychiatric emergencies and to refer complications/unusual manifestation of common disorders and rare psychiatric disorders to the specialist.

Post Graduates (PG)

Psychiatry department are committed to impart education aimed at improving knowledge, developing proficiency in skill & research, nurturing positive attitude and to provide comprehensive ethical and quality psychiatric health care services.


Under Graduates
At the end of the course the student shall be able to :
Post Graduates


Under Graduates

The student shall be able to :

Post Graduates


Integration (UG)

Training in psychiatry shall prepare the students to deliver preventive,promotive,curative and re-habilitative services for the care of patients both in the family and community and to refer advanced cases for a specialized psychiatry / Mental Hospital. Training should be integrated with thedepartments of medicine, Neuro-Anatomy, behavioural and Forensic Medicine.


Specialized services provided by the department

Specialized equipment available in the department

list of Equipments
Sr. No. Name of the Equipment
1 ECT Machine
2 EEG Machine
3 Bio-feedback instruments
4 Thin layer chromatography
5 Equipment for Psychological evaluation
 a) Project tests
 b) Intelligence tests
 c) Personality tests
6 Aversion Therapy
7 Alcohol Breath analyzer
8 Ophthalmoscope

Specialty Clinic available in the Department

Sr. No. Name of the clinic
1 Neuropsychiatry Clinic for elderly
2 Child guidance clinic
3 Clinic for senile disorder
4 Psychomotor Clinic Psychomotor epilepsy for child
Psychomotor epilepsy for elderly
5 Deaddiction& Sexual Dysfunction
6 Memory clinic
7 Family counseling

Services provided by the department

1 ECT Available
2 Special Clinic Available
3 Psychological & IQ Testing Available
4 Bio feedback Available
5 Other special facilities being provided by the Department Available
6 Facility for care and stay of Acute case(Emergency case) Available
7 Chronic Psychiatry care facility Available

Departmental Library

Departmental Museum


Publications from the department during last 3 years

Sr .No. Name of Authors Citation Year of Publication
1 Dr. Mahesh Bhirud
Dr. Jeevan Pawar
Study of comparison of Demographic & phenomenological variables among the sexual dysfunction cases attending the psychiatric OPD of A tertiary care center,Maharashtra International Journal of Current Medical And Applied Sciences. January 2017 January 2017
2 Dr. S.G. Gupte
Dr. Rucha Sule
Study of Psychiatric Morbidity in infertile women MVP Journal of Medical Sciences Jan – June 2015 Vol.2 January - June 2015 January - June 2015
3 Dr. S.G. Gupte
Dr. Manmeet Singh
Study of Psychiatry morbidity following Traumatic Long Bone Injury MVP Journal of Medical Sciences Jan – June 2015 Vol.2(1) January - June 2015 January - June 2015