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The undergraduate course in community medicine aims at preparing students to function in community as primary level physicians in accordance with the institutional goals.


At the end of the course the student shall be able to


At the end of the course, the student shall be able to make use of


Develop capabilities of synthesis between cause of illness in the environment or community and individual health and respond with leadership qualities to institute remedial measures for this.


Specialized equipment available in the department

Sr. No. Name of the items
1 Barometer (Mercury based instruments to be replaced with other alternatives)
2 Filter, Pasteur Chamberland, complete set
3 Filter, Berkefeld
4 Hydrometer, spirit
5 Hydrometer, Milk
6 Hydrometer, wet and dry bulb
7 Incubator Electric (can be procured from Microbiology)
8 Museum jars
9 Models, Charts, Diagrams, Specimen
10 Balance Analytical 200 gm
11 Balance for weighing food stuff (Capacity 2 Kg)
12 Centrifuge Clinical
13 Weighing Machine, Adult
14 Baby weighing machine
15 Salter's Baby weighing machine
16 Harpender Calipers (for skin fold thickness)
17 Height measuring stand
18 Refrigerator 9 cu. ft
19 Ice Lined Refrigerator (I.L.R.)(at Health Center)
20 Dissecting microscope
21 Microscope oil immersion
22 TV and DVD Player
23 Autoclave(Can be shared with Pathology/ Microbiology departments)
24 Computer with printer scanner and photocopier and internet facility
25 Vehicles for transport of students / interns/ faculty/paramedical staff to the RHTC & UHC
26 Multimedia Projector with Screen
27 Public Address system (2 portable for field based activities and one each RHTC & UHC)
28 Chloroscope
29 Horrock's Apparatus
30 MUAC tapes
31 Haemoglobinometer
32 BP Apparatus (Digital)
33 Stethoscope
34 Kata Thermometer
35 Globe Thermometer
36 Anemometer
37 Sound level meter
38 Soil testing kit
39 Water sampling bottle from any depth
40 Needle Shredder
41 Vaccine carrier
42 Craft water testing kit
43 Protective devices for occupational safety
44 Ear muffs
45 Ear Plugs
46 Safety helmet
47 Goggles
48 Safety boots
49 Swine flu kit
50 Gloves
51 Triple layer surgical mask
52 High efficiency mask
53 Long sleeved cuffed gown
54 Protective eye wear
55 Cap
56 Disposable delivery kit
57 Treatment kits as per national health programs
58 Iodine testing lit
59 Glucometer
60 Slide set for entomology
61 Mosquito catching kit
62 Clinical Thermometer
63 Sling Psychrometer
64 Solar radiation thermometer
65 First Aid kit
66 Spirometer
67 Audiometry
68 Otoscope
69 Ophthalmoscope
70 Laptop
71 Portable x-Ray (Maybe shared with other departments )
72 ECG (Maybe shared with other departments

Specialized Intensive care services provided by the Dept.

Specialty clinics being run by the department

Sr. No. Name of Health Centre
UHC, Gangapur Road, Nashik
1 Skin & VD Clinic
2 OBGY & Pediatric Clinic
3 Ophthalmology
RHTC Girnare, Nashik
1 Ophthalmology
2 OBGY & Pediatric Clinic

Specialized services provided by the department

Special Services

Services provided by the Department

Library Facilities

Departmental Research Lab

Departmental Museum


Publications from the department during last 3 years

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