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Student Achievements

MBBS Student's elected as the National student co-ordinator (NSR) and Co NSR

MBBS Student's of our college, Aneesh Maini, and Ms Shravani Humbe were elected as the National student co-ordinator (NSR) and Co NSR, respectively, of India for IDPD. They shall be representing India in the further congress of IPPNW to be held in London.

ICMR (sts-2015) Ongoing Projects


Tufayl Ahmed Shekha

Assessment of Atttiude and Knowledge about sex and sexuality education in school going children and effect of sexuality education session on them.

Dr.Nita Gangurde


Nandan Somani

To assess the autonomic correlates of blood pressure in young adults and the acute effect of coconut water and nimbu sherbet on the same.

Dr.Parikshit Muley


Chandan Arora

Early symptoms of autonomic dysfunction and role of antioxidants to improve the autonomic response in type 2 diabetics.

Dr.Jeetendra Singh


Pratik Tawri

Knowledge,Attitude and Practice of gender preference and pre-natal sex determination in population visiting tertiary care hospital in rural area

Dr.Kiran Patole

MUHS Sponsored Short Term Research Grant (STRG)


Bharat Sharma

Assessment of effect of exposure of one type of uni-modal emotional stimuli on perception of another uni-modal emotional stimuli by measuring autonomic function marker

Dr.Pradip Barde

Best NSS Volunteer Award

Best NSS Volunteer Award at state level Nss volunteer programme held at pune university -- Aditya Jain

Inter-university research project competition

Omkar Aaradhi and Pratik Tawri selected for inter-university research project competition

Plexus-2014 "Medipedia Quiz" Winners

  • Maansi Gujarathi
  • Aishwarya Khandge
  • Trupti Bhatt

Pulse-2013 Swimmimg Competition

Pulse-2013: Kshitija Vinchurkar 3gold 1silver in swimmimg competition

University Exam 2014 - 2015

Sultan Moinuddin Shaukatali - 86.54% and Maansi Gujarathi - 84.18% in IIyear university exam

Sultan Shaukatali Moinuddin
  • Gold Medal:Overall First Year
  • Gold Medal:Overall Second Year
  • Gold Medal:Anatomy
  • Gold Medal:Pathology
  • Gold Medal:FMT
Maansi Gujarathi
  • Gold Medal:FMT

21st IPPNW WORLD CONGRESS participants-

  • Gaurav Chaudhar
  • Chandan Arora
  • Pratik Tawri
  • Omkar Aaradhi

Idpd National Meet at Sarojini Naidu Govt. Medical College, Agra participants

  • Gaurav Chaudhari
  • Chandan Arora
  • Sanket Khare
  • Apurva Patni
  • Juhi Dhokne
  • Aditi Burkul