Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Center for Developmental Therapeutics and Translational Research


Clinical Trials and other aspects of applied and clinical research is an ever growing and much needed field in healthcare sector. There is lack of scientific expertise and facilities for all these aspects in peripheral cities of India. The absence of such facility becomes a hurdle in progress of scientific research in the peripheral cities of India.

In order to establish this facility at our college, a meeting was held on 27/01/2016, with external industry and academic experts cum consultants in presence of MVP Education Officer Prof Ramnath Choudhary, Honarable Dean Dr. Mrunal Patil, and attended by Dr. Ajit Patil, Dr. Bajaj, and Dr. Pradip Barde. It was decided to have this venture named as "Vasantrao Pawar Center for Developmental Therapeutics and Translation Research" (VPCDTTR), as a unit under Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College Hospital and Research Center. This was followed by formal inauguration, of center in the esteemed presence of MVP Sarchitnis Smt. Neelimatai Pawar along with MVP Chitnis, Dr. Sunil Dhikle on 13th February 2016 along with successful conduct first GCP workshop under the banner of VPCDTTR on same day.


To initiate, improve and propagate ethics based clinical research using scientific methodology along with generating Indian (local) data for better evidence based health care.


To conduct ethical clinical trials for drugs and devices, clinical research, build patient registry for rare and common diseases prevalent amongst rural and tribal population along with continued medical education.


We are planning to have international and national collaborations, conferences, workshop, extramural funding from Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations and enhancing exposure of staff and faculty through capacity building for research.


External core advisory board : Dr. Shrikant M. Sapatnekar, Dr. Farheen Shaikh and Dr. Deven Paramar

Internal core advisory board : Dr. Mrunal Patil, Dr. Ajit Patil, Dr. Pradip Barde and Dr. Preeti Bajaj

Extended advisory board are from outside as well as within institute.

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