Desk of Sarchitnis

With the change in the world's political order, the focus has shifted from territorial apprehensions to economic development both at the national and international level. The social welfare aspect has brought constant involvement of the corporate to achieve social change in the society and sphere of their activities. The corporate are now giving more emphasis to values and ethics. The individuals are now perceived as a component of collectivity. The increased emphasis is on training and development as "Learning Organizations". The education in social work is desired to perceive the cause of common man and his social importance. The society is now more focused towards the individuals and has a constant desire to develop and sustain justifiable social practices.

Dr. Vasantrao Pawar, the former Sarchitnis of MVP, procured the official permission to start the medical college in 1989 and worked relentlessly to raise it to a multidisciplinary Post graduate institute with a hi-tech super specialty hospital that it is now. The college is named after him as Dr. Vasantrao Pawar medical college hospital and research center.

In Dr. Vasantrao Pawar medical college hospital and research center we make a cognizant endeavor to explore the newer instructional techniques where students should acquire conceptual clarity in academics as a part of the Medical issues and widen their appreciation of practical application of the same. We prepare our students to bring medical transformation and become self reliant in the current social structure as a passionate human being.

We are confident that our students will meet their requirements and contribute to their success, as has been our experience over past years. It is our pride to provide the opportunity in our esteemed organization to achieve their career goal.

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