Fire System

Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College, Hospital& Research Centre has  a Fire Fighting System for safety and security

1)Fire Fighting Pump.

Jockey Pump – Maintain the line pressure.

Main Pump 1 – Use of sprinkler line.

Main Pump 2 – Use of Hydrant line.

Diesel Machine Pump = Use of Sprinkler & Hydrant line

   Alternate sources of electricity supply.

Storage water tank capacity of Fire Fighting plant – 1,25,000Ltrs.

2)Total Fire Hydrant point in Hospital Building is 33 per hydrant point 7 kgs. Pressure

FBI Point -1 (Fire brigade inlet point)

3)Fire Sprinkler system

Total Sprinkler 1350 in hospital

In case of Fire, if temperature or heat is above 65 to 70 C then sprinkler get blast & water flow get start.

4)Smoke detector

Total smoke detector 850 in hospital building.

When smoke detector catches smoke then fire alarm gets activate.

5)Fire Extinguisher in hospital Building.

A) ABC Type = 100Nos.

Dry chemical powder, Use ABC Type fire.

B) Co2 Type = 15Nos. Carbon dioxide Use Electrical fire.


College Building Fire Extinguisher

  1. ABC-16 Nos.
  2. Co2 – 01 No.