Cath Lab






  • At our institute we have a state of the art cardiac catheterization laboratory.
  • Our Cardiology team comprises of highly qualified and skilled cardiac consultants, cardiac nurses, technologists who are trained and equipped to perform multiple cardiac procedures.
  • Various invasive cardiac procedures such as Angiography, Angioplasty, Primary angioplasty, Complex angioplasty, Balloon mitral valvoplasty, ASD device closure, Pacemaker implantation, Pericardiocentesis etc are done.
  • The cardiac catheterization lab is also useful for peripheral vasclular procedures like Digital substraction angiography, Peripheral angioplasty, IVC filter implantation, Peripheral thrombolysis.
  • Neurology interventions such as Catheter directed thrombolysis for stroke, Carotid artery stenting, Aneurysm coiling are done by our Interventional Neurologist.