Sr. No. Name of PG Student Department Year of Submission Title of Dissertation Name of PG Guide
1 Dr. Yogita Bhargude Anesthesiology 2022 Study of second generation supraglottic airway device (I-Gel) in patients posted for short duration elective surgeries in tertiary care centre Dr. Pawar Hemant S.
2 Dr. Trushana Talware Anesthesiology 2022 A comparative study of predictive factor for difficult mask ventilation in adult overweight and obese population Dr. Sankalecha Sunita
3 Dr. Shashank Nilange Anesthesiology 2022 A comparative study of post operative analgesia in cases undergoing general anaesthesia with and without erector spinae block in lumbar spine decompression surgery at tertiary care centre Dr. Phulkar Sarita J.
4 Dr. Hafsa Shah Anesthesiology 2022 An observational study of hemodynamic response to oral pregabalin as premedication in laparoscopic cholecystectomy at tertiary care centre Dr. Pawar Hemant S.
5 Dr. Vaibhav Mali Dermatology 2022 Study of Clinical and Dermoscopic findings in Melasma and Melasma like Facial Pigmentation. Dr. Rahul Kote
6 Dr. Shivani Agrawal Dermatology 2022 A Study of Folicular unit Transpantation as a Treatment modality in Patients with Stable Vitiligo at tertiary Health Care Center. Dr. Vijay Zawar
7 Dr. Pallavi Prabhu Dermatology 2022 A study of the effect of Q switched Nd: YAG 1064 mm laser in the Treatment of Onychomycosis at a Teritary Health care Centre. Dr. Vijay Zawar
8 Dr. Arvind Agrawal General Medicine 2022 Study of clinical profile and etiology of young hypertensive patients at tertiary care teaching hospital. Dr. Deodatta Chafekar
9 Dr. Shriram Narwade General Medicine 2022 Study of Electrocardiographic Changes in a Patient with Cerebrovascular Accident at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital Dr. Chetan Patil
10 Dr. Radheshyam Pache General Medicine 2022 Incidence of J wave syndromes and their risk stratification in resident doctors and young faculty staff of a tertiary care teaching hospital Dr. Sandip Chaudhari
11 Dr. Vibhusha Vishwanath Bhagat General Medicine 2022 Prevalence of stress induced hyperglycemia and its contributing factors in patients with post COVID Mucormycosis: A Retrolective study Dr. Madhuri Kirloskar
12 Dr. Jenny Koshy General Medicine 2022 Comparative analysis of Clinical Course and Outcome in Patients with Ischemic V/S Haemorrhagic Strock at a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital Dr. Neelima Chafekar
13 Dr. Sandip Surwase General Surgery 2022 Study Of Factors Affecting Surgical Site Infection in Open Gastrointestinal Surgery In A Tertiary Care Centre Dr. Mogal Kailash
14 Dr. Omkar Gurav General Surgery 2022 Clinical profile of Hirschprung disease, post-operative Complications of modified duhamel procedure and their Management Dr. Vaidya Mandar M.
15 Dr. Vinay Sanap General Surgery 2022 Clinical Study of Blunt Abdominal Trauma in Tertiary Care Centre Dr. Borse Hemantkumar
16 Dr. Shrikant Shegokar General Surgery 2022 Study of indications and complications of intestinal stoma in a tertiary care center Dr. Bhamre Sudhir D.
17 Dr. Manisha Pawar General Surgery 2022 Clinical study of different levels of amputations in diabetic Foot ulcer patients Dr. Joshi Dinesh V.
18 Dr. Siddhi Fuke Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2022 A comparative study between Johnson formula & hadlock formula for estimating fetal weight in term gestation at a tertiary care institute Dr. Abhijeet Patil
19 Dr. Prapti Savant Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2022 To Study material and foetal outcome in placenta previa in pregnancy in tertiary health care centre Dr. Padmaja Joshi
20 Dr. Juhi Kedare Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2022 Study of outcome of severe preeclampsia in pregnancy at a tertiary care centre Dr. Nilima Gupte
21 Dr. Chandraja


Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2022 Maternal and fetal outcomes in cases of meconium-stained amniotic fluid during perinatal period at tertiary care centre Dr. Manasi Kathaley
22 Dr. Sujata Shisode Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2022 Comparative study of visual inspection of cervix by acetic acid application & PAP smear cytology in screening of cervical cancer in asympatomatic women Dr. Ajit Patil
23 Dr. Karansing Chavan Ophthalmology 2022 Management of Posterior Capsular tear with scleral fixated IOL. Dr. Mrunal Patil
24 Dr. Priyanka Patil Ophthalmology 2022 A Clinical Study on Diabetic Retinopathy at tertiary care centre Dr. Mrunal Patil
25 Dr. Rishikesh Arali Ophthalmology 2022 A Study to Analyze Patterns of Structural Changes in Clinically Significant Diabetic Macular Edema on Optical Coherence Tomography Dr. Dhiraj Balwir
26 Dr. Chaudhary Neha Mohanrao Ophthalmology 2022 A prospective study on changes in keratometry reading and astigmatism induced by pterygium before and after pterygium excision surgery at tertiary care centre Dr. Ajit Khune
27 Dr. Gaurav Pawar Orthopaedics 2022 Functional outcome of percutaneous screw fixation of scaphoid fracture Dr. Nitin Wagh
28 Dr. Sameer Shelawale Orthopaedics 2022 Functional outcome of distal end T-Y intercondylar humerus fracture treated by ORIF with bicondylar anatomical locking plates and olecranon osteotomy Dr. Sandeep Aware
29 Dr. Tushar Shete Orthopaedics 2022 Functional outcome in case of TENS nailing done in case of pediatric patients Dr. Sandeep Pangavane
30 Dr. Kashyap Solanki Orthopaedics 2022 Compliance of patients in case of CTEV treated by serial ponsetti Dennis brown splint and tenotomy Dr. Sandeep Pangavane
31 Dr. Saurabh Tidke Orthopaedics 2022 Functional outcome in management of Floating knee Dr. Satyen Joshi
32 Dr. Madvi Ashwinikumar Arvind Orthopaedics 2022 Functional outcome of Bipolar Hemiarthroplasty done in Intracapsular neck fracture of femur Dr. Mukesh Agarwal
33 Dr. Aditya Jain Otorhinolaryngology 2022 A Cross Sectional Study of Post Mastoidectomy Cavity and Its Problems at a Tertiary Care Centre Dr. Shreeya Kulkarni
34 Dr. Surekha Bhalekar Otorhinolaryngology 2022 A Clinical Study of Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Dr. K.S. Burse
35 Dr. Sanyukta Jain Otorhinolaryngology 2022 Evaluation of Post-Surgical Outcomes in Patients of Chronic Rhinosinusitis undergoing functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery using sino Nasal outcome test -observational study Dr. K.S. Burse
36 Dr. Khadabadi Shailesh Someshekhar Paediatrics 2022 Study of Clinical profile in infantile termor Syndrome Dr. Ravindra Sonawane
37 Dr. Sawant Lajeshree Vilas Paediatrics 2022 Study of Iron Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anaemia in children between 1 to 6 months of age in a tertiary health care centre Dr. Nilesh Ahire
38 Dr. Giri Vivekanand Narayan Paediatrics 2022 Study of the clinical outcome of newborns with meconium aspiration syndrome within newnatal period Dr. Suhas Patil
39 Dr. Soneta Gayatri Yogesh Pathology 2022 Study of Hematological scoring system & CRP levels in cases of neonatal sepsis at a tertiary care centre: a comparative study Dr. Devangana Rajyaguru
40 Dr. Kolage Vivek Arun Pathology 2022 Comparative study of frozen section diagnosis with histopathology in a tertiary health care centre Dr. Preeti Bajaj
41 Dr. Khandwe Pooja Laxman Pathology 2022 Histopathological study of benign and malignant lesion of prostate gland at tertiary care centre-descriptive study Dr. Unkey Archana
42 Dr. Bhavik Chheda Psychiatry 2022 A Cross Sectional Study of Psychopathologies and caregiver burden in caregivers of schizophrenia and bipolar mood disorder patients in out-patient department at a Tertiary care center. Dr. Anup S. Bharati


43 Dr. Tejeswini Vasave Psychiatry 2022 A Cross Sectional study of Psychiatric Disorders Among patients of Diabetes Mellitus at a Tertiary Health Care Center. Dr. Mahesh Bhirud


44 Dr. Rupali Shinde Psychiatry 2022 A Cross Sectional study of Psychiatric morbidity in traumatic brain injury at a Tertiary Health Care Center. Dr. S. G. Gupte


45 Dr. Vishaka Gajre Radio-diagnosis 2022 Role of MRI in evaluation of seizure disorder in adolescent age group at tertiary care centre. Dr. Nilesh H. Chaudhari
46 Dr. Azhar Patawe Radio-diagnosis 2022 Evaluation of mediastenal mass using CECT at tertiary care centre. Dr. Abhay G. Kakade
47 Dr. Suyash Saxena Radio-diagnosis 2022 Role of MRI brain in evaluation of posterior cranial fossa tumours at tertiary care centre. Dr. Arvind Takale
48 Dr. Vishal Gehi Radio-diagnosis 2022 Role of diffusion weighted MRI imaging in evaluation of intracranial lesions at tertiary care centre Dr. Arvind Takale
49 Dr. Mote Sneha Radio-diagnosis 2022 CT Evaluation of renal masses in tertiary care entre Dr. Sumit. A. Baviskar
50 Dr. Chaityanya
Respiratory Medicine 2022 Study of impact of continuous positive airway pressure (c pap) therapy on blood glucose status of type 2 diabetes mellitus in obstructive sleep apnea patients at a tertiary care centre Dr Ravindra Shinde
51 Dr. Siddhesh Bharadi Respiratory Medicine 2022 Comparative study of Clinical and socio demographic profile of smoker and non-smoker chronic obstructive disease patient in a tertiary Health care center. Dr Sushama Dugad

Sr. No Name of PG Student Department Year of Submission Title of Dissertation Name of PG Guide
1 Dr. Amala Godse Anesthesiology 2021 Comparison between propofol and etomidate in general anaesthesia as induction agents at a tertiary care centre Dr. Koshire Alka R.
2 Dr. Ravisha Parekh Anesthesiology 2021 Comparison of intubating conditions in patients induced with succinylcholine, atracurium and priming with atracurium at a tertiary care centre. Dr. Sarita Phulkar
3 Dr. Shwetal Rathi Dermatology 2021 Clinical and Mycological Profile of Recurrent dermatophytosis in Patients at Tertiary Care Centre. Dr. Rahul Kote
4 Dr. Sindhu Hiremath Dermatology 2021 Cross –Sectional prospective observational Study of Cutaneous Lesions in Newborns at a Tertiary Health care centre Dr. Vijay Zawar
5 Dr. Mayur Dongre General Medicine 2021 Study of clinical profile and outcome in patients diagnosed to have Cardiorenal syndrome at a tertiary care centre. Dr. Deodatta Chafekar
6 Dr. Karishma Nigoo General Medicine 2021 Study to find prevalence of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy in Type II Diabetes Mellitus by Bedside Screening Techniques at a Tertiary Care centre. Dr. Neelima Chafekar
7 Dr. Maansi Gujrathi General Medicine 2021 Study of correlation of preoperative cardiac risk stratification and perioperative cardiac events in patients undergoing major non cardiac surgeries Dr. Chetan Patil
8 Dr. Gaurav Kulkarni General Medicine 2021 Study to Evaluate Relationship Between Serum Uric Acid Levels and Severity of Coronary Artery Disease in Patients Undergoing Coronary Angiography at Tertiary Health Care Centre Dr. Sandip Chaudhari
9 Dr. Shweta Khopde General Medicine 2021 Study of clinical profile and its outcome in patients of alcohol induced chronic liver disease with Hepato renal syndrome. Dr. Neelima Chafekar
10 Dr. Ameya Arolkar General Surgery 2021 Study of single dose of antibiotic prophylaxis in clean surgeries at a tertiary care centre Dr. Borse Hemant Kumar
11 Dr. Nikunj Varandani General Surgery 2021 Various techniques of midline laparotomy closure and their outcomes Dr. Joshi Dinesh V.
12 Dr. Shishir Kamble General Surgery 2021 Study to assess for improvement in renal function following Anderson hynes pyeloplasty for congenital pelvi-uretric obstruction in children Dr. Vaidya Mandar M.
13 Dr. Janak M. Malu General Surgery 2021 A study of surgical management of intestinal Obstruction in a tertiary care hospital Dr. Bhamre Sudhir D.
14 Dr. Shivam Patil General Surgery 2021 Clinical Profile of patients with facial fractures Dr. Mogal Kailash
15 Dr. Priyanka Nagansure Obstetrics and Gynecology 2021 Clinical study of Prevalence of polycystic ovarian syndrome in girls with irregular menses Dr. Kiran Patole
16 Dr. Minal Deshmukh Obstetrics and Gynecology 2021 Study of Placental laterality as a predictor of pre-eclampsia at a tertiary care centre Dr. Ajit Patil
17 Dr. Shreeda Prasade Obstetrics and Gynecology 2021 A Study of Maternal & Fetal Outcome of Thrombocytopenia in Pregnancy Dr. Manasi Kathaley
18 Dr. Ashwin Parati Ophthalmology 2021 Distribution of various type of myopia & its association with ocular disorders at a tertiary care centre Dr. Mrunal Patil
19 Dr. Rajas Daware Ophthalmology 2021 Intraoperative complications during phacoemulsification in cataract surgery at tertiary care centre Dr. Dhiraj Balwir
20 Dr. Chetan Gaikwad Ophthalmology 2021 A Study of ocular fundus findings in hypertension in pregnancy in tertiary care hospital. Dr. Ajit Khune
21 Dr. Shrikant Vetal Orthopaedics 2021 To study Functional outcome in upper limb phalynx fracture treated by JESS fixator Dr. Nitin Wagh
22 Dr. Shubham Zade Orthopaedics 2021 To study the functional outcomes of intra articular distal end femur fractures treated with locking compression plating. Dr. Sandeep Pangavane
23 Dr. Kaustubh Devasthali Orthopaedics 2021 To study outcomes of bone patellar tendon bone autograft versus semitendinosus autograft in reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament tear. Dr. Satyen Joshi
24 Dr. Vishal Harkar Orthopaedics 2021 Functional outcome of posterior lumbar interbody fusion technique with implant in degenerative spondylolistesis at L4, L5 level Dr. Mukesh Agrawal
25 Dr. Vishwesh Chudasama Orthopaedics 2021 Comparative study of humerus shaft fractures treated with nailing versus plating. Dr. Sandeep Pangavane
26 Dr. Preeti Dudhe Otorhinolaryngology 2021 Clinical profile and outcome of head and neck abscesses at a tertiary care centre Dr. Shreeya Kulkarni
27 Dr. Shashank Pagar Otorhinolaryngology 2021 Quilting Suturing Technique Versus Self Expanding Oxycellulose Nasal Packing After Septoplasty: A Prospective Comparative Study in Tertiary Care Centre Dr. K.S. Burse
28 Dr. Shah Ripala Dipak Paediatrics 2021 Screening of newborns via pulse-oximetry at birth for critical congenital disease Dr. Ravindra Sonawane
29 Dr. Chadha Sanjita ram Paediatrics 2021 To study serum electrolyte and calcium changes in children with severe pneumonia and its outcome Dr. Nilesh Ahire
30 Dr. Baviskar Priyanka Sadashiv Pathology 2021 Application of Bethesda system in cervical cytology at a tertiary care center Dr. Preeti Bajaj
31 Dr. Kolte Anupama Pathology 2021 A study on correlation between type II Diabetes Mellitus & HbA1c in a tertiary care center Dr. Devangana Rajyaguru
32 Dr. Smita G. Avhad Pharmacology 2021 Drug Utilization pattern for dermatophytosis in dermatology OPD of A tertiary care hospital-A prescription survey Dr. Jeetendra Singh
33 Dr. Abhishek Samarth Psychiatry 2021 Study of prevalence of Anxiety and Depression in clinically obese patients at a tertiary care center. Dr. Anup S. Bharati


34 Dr. Nishant Manka Psychiatry 2021 Study of psychiatric co morbidities of patients admitted in Intensive care unit of a tertiary care center. Dr. M.G. Bhirud


35 Dr. Saurabh Sonawane Radio-diagnosis 2021 MRI evaluation of lumber disc degenerative disease in young adults at a tertiary care center Dr. Abhay G. Kakade
36 Dr. Dhiraj Patil Radio-diagnosis 2021 MRI Evaluation of Wrist Joint Pain Of A Tertiary Health Care Center Dr. Arvind Takale
37 Dr. Rohit Raje Radio-diagnosis 2021 Study of shoulder joint pathologies in an adult age group evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging in a tertiary care center. Dr. Nilesh H. Chaudhari
38 Dr. Nikhil Raj Respiratory Medicine 2021 Pattern of Respiratory diseases and comorbidities in patients attending casualty department. Dr Ravindra Shinde
39 Dr. Jaspreet
Respiratory Medicine 2021 Study of insomnia in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients at a tertiary care center. Dr Sushama Dugad