The Physiotherapy Department was established in the year 2002 and currently about 100 patients are benefited by our services every day. We ensure holistic quality care for our patients with the latest techniques and equipments available with us.

The Following units are available Unit Services
1 Musculoskeletal OPD Pain management, back pain, neck pain, arthritic pain and other neuromuscular disorders
2 Neuro and Pediatic Neurology Unit Paralysis management, Congenital disorders, nerve injury management etc.
3 Cardiovascular Unit Bronchial Asthma, Post Surgical Rehab, Post Angioplasty Rehab etc…
4 CBR unit Obesity management, fitness testing,  and Ergonomic advices


Following services are available and offered by us..

Manual Therapy, SWD, IFT, Traction, TENS, Multi Stim, LAZER, Body Fat Analyser, MentaMove, Gymnasium,   PNF, PWB, Contrast Bath, MHT and Yoga.