Citizen Charter

Patient Rights

Patient Responsibilities

 Do you Know?

  • The name and qualification of your Doctor
  • About Health, diagnosis and outcome of treatment diet & prevention and expected cost of the treatment plan of care, progress and information on your health care needs
  • It is your right to voice feedback, either through patient feedback available in OPD and wards or contacting any member of the administration

Your right to Consent

  • You may give, withdraw or withhold consent for any treatment, anesthesia any invasive and high-risk procedures, Surgery, bold and blood products transfusion and initiation of the research protocol
  • You may seek a second opinion before giving consent
  • You may be asked to give general consent which may not be applicable for invasive procedures

Decide your Treatment

  • You may choose the course of treatment from various options as advised by your doctors
  • You may make decision about care or refuse treatment
  • You may have access to the information in medical records

Your Privacy is guaranteed

  • We provide personal dignity and privacy during your stay in the hospital, consultation, examination treatment and confidentially for your information
  • You may deny any information, photographs, and videos, nature of illness, investigation and treatment. The outcome of treatment to be told to third party/ public without consent
  • It is your duty to inform if there is any problem for your privacy of confidentiality of information

We Respect You

  • You shall receive care regardless of race, culture caste religion, age, gender physical disability
  • We shall not neglect or abuse you
  • We will address your special preferences, spiritual and cultural needs as far as possible unless it interferes with treatment

We Provide Quality Care

  • You shall be advised of any changes in the treatment plan prior to the changes
  • You shall be advised to follow up care after discharges
  • You shall be transferred to another facility or to seek additional treatment, as seen as viable and reasonable by your doctor
  • To respect hospital personnel and property
  • To abide by hospital rules and regulations
  • Accept that your Doctor may have to attend more serious patients than you
  • Accept that patients requiring emergency care are a high priority for your Doctor
  • Ensure that all the information given is true, correct, complete and accurate in all respects
  • Follow your Doctor’s instructions carefully
  • Accept action taken by the hospital to ensure your safe and secure stay, and to ensure privacy, the confidentiality of your information
  • To keep your appointments
  • Ensure that payments are made in time
  • In case you require any clarification or have suggestions to make or have a grievance, please contact us as Help Desk (Phone number) 0253- 2220500
  • Patient feedback forms are available in all OPDs, wards and ICUs.