College Council Committee

The following staff members have been appointed in the Composition of College Council Committee for the academic year 2019-2020.

S. N. Name Designation
1 Dr. Mrunal Patil Chairman
2 Dr. Suhas Patil Member Secretary
3 Dr. Pradip Barde Member
4 Dr. Ajit Patil Member
5 Dr. Bhaudas Jadhav Member
6 Dr. Ganesh Ghuge Member
7 Dr. Preeti Bajaj Member
8 Dr. Nita Gangurde Member
9 Dr. Premsaroj Bhansali Member
10 Dr. Balaji Almale Member
11 Dr. Tej Bahadur Chhetri Member
12 Dr. Nilima Chafekar Member
13 Dr. Sudhir Bhamre Member
14 Dr. Kiran Patole Member
15 Dr. Ravindra Sonawane Member
16 Dr. Ramesh Sundarani Member
17 Dr. Vijay Zawar Member
18 Dr. Anup Bharati Member
19 Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Member
20 Dr. Dheeraj Balwir Member
21 Dr. Kirankumar Burse Member
22 Dr. Arvind Takle Member
23 Dr. Alka Koshire Member
24 Dr. Manisha Marathe Member