Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness

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The institute has a reputation of being always at the forefront in providing quality medical education. Academic excellence of students has always been its main priority. The distinctiveness of the institute lies in its academic and effective learning resources.

  • Central research laboratory (CRL) guides the student for the Indian Council of Medical Research projects and has organized a National Students Conference ‘Excelsior’ twice with the participation of 409 students all over India.
  • During Kumbh Mela-2015, Institute has participated actively and conducted many Basic life support (BLS) courses for Healthcare providers, Police personnel, and NGOs. 39 research projects were completed by students and faculty during Kumbh Mela.
  • Disaster management training workshops were conducted in collaboration with CDC Atlanta.
  • Department of Community Medicine conducts research methodology workshops regularly to train undergraduates, postgraduates, and faculty.
  • Faculty and students are encouraged to conduct and present their research at various National/International conferences and publish papers in reputed journals.
  • The institute publishes an Indexed National journal “MVP Journal of Medical Sciences” since 2006. Faculty and students are encouraged to publish their research work in the journal.
  • The institute has taken initiative to train faculty in Basic, Advanced Medical Education Technology, and Curriculum Implementation Support Programs.
  • The institute has implemented modern educational practices, use of ICT tools and skill-based learning to make teaching-learning more effective.
  • The institute has a Central Examination Unit under which all internal assessment examinations are conducted.
  • The institute has established the UNESCO bioethics unit in the year 2015 and celebrates the world Bioethics day with the participation of students and faculty.
  • The institute has an International Students Cell to provide students an opportunity to have an experience of the International Healthcare System through student exchange programs.
  • The students attend various Value-added Courses to nurture employability skills, communication skills, soft skills, and other professional skills.
  • The institute has established a Mentorship program to address student problems.

The efforts taken by the institute have culminated in excellence in University examination, performance as well as increasing percentage of students with distinction.

  • Sultan Moinuddin was University Gold medalist in the seventeenth convocation organized by MUHS in 2017. He was awarded fourteen gold medals in various subjects. Ms. Mansi Gujarati was also awarded seven gold medals during the same period.

For Academic and Research enrichment, the following are the different activities and achievements of MET and CRL over the last five years.

847 UG students, 246 PG students, and 62 faculty were trained in Basic as well as Advance life support workshop.

MUHS Avishakar’s Paper news, Photo and certificates

Avishakar News 2019 Avishkar Poster Presentation Avishkar Poster Presentation Avishkar Poster Presentation Avishkar Poster Presentation Avishkar Poster Presentation Awards










Activity Participation
ICMR research projects 87 students

12 students were awarded research grants

University-level research competition “Avishkar” 82 students

4 faculty

11 students and 2 faculty won prizes

Paper presentation in various National/International conferences 13 faculty and students
Paper publications 386 faculty and students
Training in MET workshop 57 faculty
Training in Curriculum implementation support program 67 faculty
Research Methodology workshop 219 students

49 faculty

Good Clinical Practices workshop 65 faculty and students


Kumbh Mela Research 




















Basic Life Support and Disaster management Workshops in Kumbh Mela























Central Skill Lab 

























UNESCO VPMC Bioethics Unit







Basic Life Support Certificates 







Excelsior 2016










Excelsior 2017



















Gold Medals











International Students cell





Disaster Management Session by Hon. Dean Dr. Mrunal Patil at Ujjain Kumbhmela






MVP Journal of Medical Sciences