Institutional Ethics

Institutional Ethics Committee for the academic year 2023-2024 is re-constituted as under: 


S. N. Name Designation Affiliation to this institute
1. Dr. Deepanjali Lomate Chairperson No
2. Dr. Ashok Vankudre Member Secretary Yes
3. Dr. V. Hemanthkumar Scientific Member Yes
4. Dr. Dinesh Joshi Member (Clinician) Yes
5. Dr. Madhuri Kirlokar Member (Clinician) Yes
6. Dr. Abhijeet Patil Member (Clinician) No
7. Dr. Anupam Khare Basic Medical Scientist Yes
8. Adv. Kadvekar Kishor Legal Expert No
9. Mrs.  Thakur Pallavi Social Scientist No
10. Mrs. Madhuri Govardhane Lay Person No