IQAC Initiatives

Sr. No. Initiatives Academic/ Administrative Related to Criteria


To make an annual report of admission every year which cover NAAC requirements (as per Format Given) Administrative 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3
2 For Slow Performers /Advanced Learners, programs suggested new programs in coordination with academic boards UG PG Academic 2.2.1
3 Session on student-centric methods in details with types of learning; To paste the list in the department with what kind of activities are shown in every learning method (To Publish list in every department regarding topics covered under student-centric methods Academic 2.3.1
4 List of E-resource Like E-journal, E-books, PPTS of important topics, Video lectures of Internal staff as well outside specialized staff Academic 2.3.3
5 Conducted E-content & E-delivery training programs Academic 2.4.4
6 Submit Annual report of central skill lab programs & development Academic 2.3.2
7 Submit an annual report of the number of grievances redressed in internal & annual Exam assessment (as per Format Given) Administrative 2.5.2
8 The result analysis report of students by COE to IQAC (as per Format Given) Administrative 2.6.2
9 Newly joined staff orientation forms Administrative 7.1
10 Students profile UG and PG Administrative 6.5.3
11 Faculty Profile (Staff personal file) Administrative 6.5.3
12 Uniform format for Lab displays, Department file with department details (Staff, Lab, Equipment) Administrative


13 Term-end or year-end report of department submitted to IQAC (as per Format given) Administrative 6.5.1
14 Scholarship department Annual report (as per Format Given); Notices to students for awareness regarding Non-government scholarships and Type of scholarships available under different schemes under this Administrative 5.1.1
15 Alumni data collection format for every year (Format Given) Administrative 5.2.1, 5.2.2, 5.23
16 Process/checklist to conduct any program/workshop/activity from start to end Administrative All criteria
17 Proposed to start printing of student council letter head for every year now onwards (Format Given) Administrative 5.3.2
18 Preparation and submission of Annual report of (ICC, Clinical Skill Lab, MET, IEC, Student Grievances, NSS, CRL), Admission report, Annual function to IQAC Academic All criteria
19 Registration of Alumni association Administrative 5.4.1
20 To motivate & support different departments for MOU’s Academic 3.5.2
21 ETP installation Administrative Criteria 4 & 7
22 Capacity increase of Generator Administrative Criteria 4 & 7
23 Increase in number of CCTVs Administrative Criteria 4 & 7
24 Started taking feedback of any program by Google form link Academic Criteria 1 & 6
25 Formation of AAA Committee for college level Academic & Administrative 6.5.1 & 6.5.3
26 NSS Registration Process started online Academic 3.4.2
27 Process to add college journal in UGC care list and DOAJ indexing Academic 3.3.3 & 3.3.4
28 Proposed Day Care Centre for Staff Children (up to 6 years) Administrative 7.1.2
29 Preparation and submission of Action Plan of (ICC, Clinical Skill Lab, MET, IEC, Student Grievances, NSS, CRL), Admission report, Annual function to IQAC Administrative 6.5.1
30 Under energy conservation & renewable energy source- Solar light illuminated pathways, LED street light, Battery operated vehicle etc. Administrative 7.1.3
31 Pressing the need for ERP Software (Learning Management System) Administrative 6.2.2
32 Suggested Digital Display facility at the college & hospital entrance Academic 6.5.3
33 Establishment of placement cell for student Administrative 5.2.2
34 Suggested need for up gradation of Sports and Gym facility Academic & Administrative Criteria 4 & 7
35 Advised reforms in training of staff and students through MET, CRL and Central Skill Lab Academic 2.5.3, 8.1.8
36 Up gradation of Website Administrative All criteria
37 CEU in-charge is re-designated as COE for continuous internal evaluation Administrative 2.6.2
38 Reforms in maintenance procedures for bringing transparency & efficiency Administrative 4.5.2