HOD’s Desk

Dr. Changdeo Sakharam Aher (MD Microbiology), Professor and Head.

Respected Dean Sir, Senior Faculty Members and Colleagues

Welcome to the department of Microbiology!!

In view of the current global scenario, the field of Microbiology is in a very exciting phase as we have the opportunity and capability to address many of the daunting challenges being faced by the world. Through our Basic and Special Microbiological services, our department has been able to make a substantial contribution towards supporting the clinical departments with accurate diagnostics while successfully managing the critical responsibility of preventing infections.

As a one of the leading Institutes for providing education and research in medical Microbiology, our staff members are excellently skilled, highly qualified and dedicated hard workers who instil an eager interest in the subject amongst the future generation. Our department members are actively involved in teaching  undergraduate students.  Owing to the world class knowledge and the kind of support of Hon. Dean Sir and the Management, department is proud to be associated with numerous achievements including 12 leading publications, several rewards, and research projects.

With an outstanding and well-equipped lab, the department has been providing special services including running of NABL accredited Diagnostic Molecular Laboratory  with COVID-19 lab in Nashik. Apart from this, the department is actively engaged in providing OT swab testing services  across  various private and government hospitals in Nashik, including PHCs in nearby areas. And to keep all of these wheels turning, on home ground, we oversee the crucial function of Hospital Infection Control for the entire hospital.

In addition to the above, ever so often, the department takes up Social Outreach Programs that make a world of a difference not just to the field of medicine, but to the community at large. The recent developments in the field of Microbiology, along with the growing importance of its relevance in clinical diagnosis make the future even more exciting. The department is dedicated to contributing significantly to the field of Microbiology and staying true to its commitment to the society.