Research Activity of Department

Sr. No Year Title of Thesis Name of Student Name of Guide Status
1 Aug 2019 Maternal and fetal outcome in cases of meconium stained amniotic fluid during perinatal period at tertiary care centre Dr. Chandraja Keluskar Dr. Manasi Kathaley Ongoing
2 Aug 2019 Study of maternal and fetal outcome in placenta previa in pregnancy in tertiary care center Dr. Prapti Savant Dr. Padmaja Joshi Ongoing
3 Aug 2019 Comparative study of visual inspection of cervix by acetic Acid application and pap smear cytology in screening of Cervical cancer in asymptomatic woman. Dr. Sujata Sisode Dr. Ajit Patil Ongoing
4 Aug 2019 Comparative study between hadlocks vs johnsons formula for estmation of fetal weight at term gestation Dr. Siddhi Fuke Dr. Kiran Patole Ongoing
5 Aug 2019 Maternal and fetal outcome of severe pre-eclampsia in pregnancy at a tertiary care centre Dr. Juhi Kedare Dr. Nilima Gupte Ongoing
 6 Aug 2018 Study of Placental laterality as a predictor of pre eclampsia at a tertiary care centre Dr. Minal Deshmukh Dr. Ajit Patil Ongoing
 7 Aug 2018 A Study of Maternal & Fetal Outcome of Thrombocytopenia In Pregnancy Dr. Shreeda Prasade Dr. Manasi Kathaley Ongoing
 8 Aug 2018 Clinical study of Prevalence of polycystic ovarian syndrome in girls with irregular menses Dr. Priyanka Nagansure Dr. Kiran Patole Ongoing
  10 Aug 2017 A observational study to evaluate post placental IUCD inserted after normal delivery & section. Dr. Ashwini Jadhav Dr. Ajit Patil Completed
   11 Aug 2017 Significance of doppler studies in pregnancy induced hypertension and it’s correlation in perinatal outcome Dr. Nikita Damale Dr. Manasi Kathaley Completed
   12 Aug 2017 A study of Breast feeding problems in early postnatal period in Tertiary care center. Dr. Aanchal Agarwal Dr. Kiran Patole Completed
   13 Aug 2016 Estimation of Level of Serum  Lactate Dehydrogenase In Pre-Eclampsia Patients and its association with Maternal and fetal Outcome Dr. Madhavi Dasarvar Dr. Ajit Patil Completed
  14 Aug 2016 To Compare the Effects of Amniotic fluid index< 5 cms on Perinatal Outcome in between Study and Control Groups in a tertiary Care Hospital. Dr. Apurva Mourya Dr. Kiran Patole Completed
  15 Aug 2015 Maternal & Perinatal Outcome in Patients with HELLP Syndrome. Dr. Rohit Kamble Dr. Nilima Gupte Completed
16 Aug 2015 To study the correlation between maternal body mass index and birth weight of the baby. Dr. Deepti Paprikar Dr. Kiran Patole Completed
17 Aug 2015 Effect of Tranexamic acid injection on blood loss during and after LSCS Dr. Monika Thavre Dr. Ajit Patil Completed
  18   Aug 2014 Study of surgical site infections following gynaecological surgeries at tertiary care hospital Dr. Naphade Snehal Dr. Kiran Patole Completed
  19 Aug 2014 To study the efficacy & success rate of single dose oral mifepristone + vaginal misoprostol V/S vaginal misoprostol alone for second trimester termination of pregnancy Dr. Khairnar Meetali Dr. Nilima Gupte Completed
  20 Aug 2014 Estimation of fetal weight by clinical method ultrasonography and its co-relation with actual birth weight in term pregnancy Dr. Avirupa Guha Roy Dr. Manasi Kathaley Completed