Research Activity of Department (Thesis)

Sr. No. Year Title of the thesis Name of Student Name of the guide Status
1 2013-14 Histopathological study of various ovarian lesions at a tertiary health care institute Dr. Amod Sawant Dr. Mahajan Suresh Completed
2 2013-14 A study of fine-needle aspiration cytology of breast lesion in females of age group of 15-65 years in a tertiary health care institute Dr. Mohit Patil Dr. Chaudhari Rajendra Completed
3 2013-14 Cytological profile of lymphadenopathies at a tertiary health care institute Dr. Rajiv Jadhav Dr. Ukey Archana Completed
4 2014-15 Fine needle aspiration cytological study of thyroid lesions & its correlation with T3, T4 & TSH Assay Dr. Dhikale Shital Dr. Mahajan Suresh Completed
5 2014-15 A study of histopathological findings of the placenta in cases of deliveries at a tertiary health care institute Dr. Saragade Pradnya Dr.Rairikar S.S. Completed
6 2014-15 A study of haematological profile in patients of chronic renal failure on hemodialysis at a tertiary health care institute Dr. Arjun Chakravarti Dr. Ukey Archana Completed
7 2015-16 Cytomorphological analysis of body fluids at a tertiary health care Hospital Dr. Snehal Bhade Dr. Ukey Archana Completed
8 2015-16 Histopathological evaluation of Carcinoma Breast with significance of histological grading and other morphological prognostic factors Dr. Kavita Gite Dr. Chaudhari Rajendra Completed
9 2016-17 Spectrum of non-neoplastic skin diseases: A histopathology based clinicopathological correlation study at a tertiary health care centre Dr. Sharad A. Waghachaure Dr. Preeti Bajaj Completed
10 2016-17 Comparison of bone marrow aspiration cytology, touch imprint cytology and bone marrow biopsy for bone marrow evaluation at a tertiary health care institute Dr. Girish N.Taori Dr. Ukey Archana Completed
11 2017-18 Spectrum of Hemoglobinopathies diagnosed  by HPLC at a tertiary care centre, an observational study Dr. Gupta Aakash Rajendra Dr. Preeti Bajaj Completed
12 2018-19 Application of the Bethesda system in cervical cytology at the tertiary care centre Dr. Baviskar Priyanka Sadashiv Dr. Preeti Bajaj Ongoing
13 2018-19 A study on the correlation between type II Diabetes Mellitus & HbA1c in the tertiary care centre Dr. Kolte Anupama Dr. Devangana Rajyaguru Ongoing
14 2019-20 Comparative study of frozen section diagnosis with histopathology in tertiary health care centre Dr. Kolage Vivek Arun Dr. Preeti Bajaj Ongoing
15 2019-20 Study of Hematological scoring system & CRP levels in cases of neonatal sepsis at a tertiary care centre: a comparative study Dr. Soneta Gayatri Yogesh Dr. Devangana Rajyaguru Ongoing
16 2019-20 Histopathological study of benign and malignant lesions of the prostate gland at tertiary care centre- a descriptive study Dr. Khandwe Pooja Laxman Dr. Ukey Archana Ongoing