Research Activity of Department (Thesis)

Sr. No. Year Title of the Thesis Name of Student Name of the Guide Status
1 2014-2015 CT Scan evaluation in carcinoma of oral cavity. Dr. Saurav Mittal Dr. Amol M. Jagdale Completed
2 2014-2015 Magnetic Resonance Imaging findings of Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head. Dr. Udaypratap Singh Dr. Chandrashekhar M. Gattani Completed
3 2014-2015 Computed tomography evaluation of cerebrovascular accidents Dr. Swoyam Samparna Dr. Abhay G. Kakade Completed
4 2015-2016 Computed tomography evaluation of anatomical variations of paranasal Sinuses Dr. Rounak Bagga Dr. Nilesh H. Chaudhari Completed
5 2015-2016 Computerized tomography findings in case of Focal Hepatic Lesions Dr. Shopnil Prasla Dr. Sharad B. Gadgil Completed
6 2015-2016 Computerized tomographic imaging findings of Pancreatic pathologies


Dr. Zoya Patni Dr. Abhay G. Kakade Completed
7 2016-2017 High Resolution computed tomography findings among patients with temporal bone pathologies in tertiary health care Centre. Dr. Mahesh Yadav Dr. Nilesh H. Chaudhari Completed
8 2016-2017 Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography findings among patients with clinically diagnosed congenital or acquired disorders of pancreas and biliary tract. Dr. Parag Garse Dr. Abhay G. Kakade Completed
9 2016-2017 Magnetic resonance imaging evaluation of ankle and foot pathologies at a Tertiary health care Centre. Dr. Prerit Sharma Dr. Arvind K. Takle. Completed
10 2017-2018 CT findings in cases of Carcinoma Larynx at a tertiary care center: An Observational Study. Dr. Akshit Gangwal Dr. Abhay G. Kakade Completed
11 2017-2018 Role of MRI brain with MR spectroscopy in the evaluation of ring enhancing lesions in the brain. Dr. Sujay Saxena Dr. Arvind K. Takle. Completed
12 2017-2018 MRI Evaluation of Ligamental injuries of the knee joint at Tertiary Health care center. Dr. Priti Komatwar Dr. Nilesh H. Chaudhari Completed
13 2018-2019 MRI evaluation of lumbar disc degenerative disease in young adults at a tertiary care center. Dr. Saurabh Sonawane Dr. Abhay G. Kakade Ongoing
14 2018-2019 MRI evaluation of wrist joint pain of a tertiary health care center. Dr. Dhiraj Patil Dr. Arvind K. Takle Ongoing
15 2018-2019 Study of shoulder joint pathologies in an adult age group evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging in a tertiary care center. Dr. Rohit Raje Dr. Nilesh H. Chaudhari Ongoing
16 2019-2020 Findings of mediastinal masses using CECT Dr. Azhar Patwe Dr. Abhay Kakade Ongoing
17 2019-2020 Role of computed tomography in evaluation of renal masses in tertiary care centre Dr. Sneha Mote Dr. Sharad B. Gadgil Ongoing
18 2019-2020 Role of MRI brain in evaluation of posterior cranial fossa tumors Dr. Suyash Saxena Dr. Arvind Takle Ongoing
19 2019-2020 Role of MRI evaluation if seizure disorder in adolescnts age group at tertiary care centre Dr. Vishakha Gajre Dr. Nilesh H. Chaudhari Ongoing
20 2019-2020 Diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging features on intracranial lesions at a tertiary care institute Dr. Vishal Gehi Dr. Arvind Takle Ongoing