Instruments/ Equipments

(A) OPD Anesthesia Clinic
1 Patient examination table
2 Blood Pressure Instrument (Non-invasive)
3 Height Measurement Scale
4 Weighing machine
(B) Operation Theatre
5 Anesthesia machine and accessories like laryngoscope, all size endotracheal tubes, nasal and oral airways, Magill’s forceps,
6 Electrical Suction apparatus
7 Multipara monitor- with P, NIBP, ECG facility,SpO2
8 LMA / PLMA of all sizes
9 Mechanical ventilator Separate or with anesthesia machine
10 Spinal epidural set
11 EtCO2 monitor
12 Defibrillator
13 Fibre optic bronchoscope
14 USG machine (Desirable)
15 Resuscitation equipment (CPR)- Ambu bag with face mask
16 PNS (Desirable)
17 a) CPR Adult Manikin
18 b) CPR Pediatric Manikin
19 C) Manikin difficult airway
20 High definition TV
21 Multimedia Projector with screen
22 Computer with Printer & Scanner
23 Photocopier
24 Heating Mattress
25 Syringe infusion pump
(C) Postoperative Recovery Room
26 Oxygen therapy unit
27 Pulse oximeter
28 Blood Pressure Monitor (digital/Electronic)
29 Suction Machine
30 E.C.G. Monitor
31 Airway crash cart
32 Provision for resuscitation equipment and CPR Algorithms
33 ABG machine (Optional)
34 TOF monitor (PNS) (Optional)
35 Side lab for emergency investigations (Optional)
(D) Pain Clinic
36 Radio frequency ablation machine
37 Patients controlled analgesia system (portable)
38 Fluoroscopy machine (e-ARM)(may be shared with other department)
39 Ultrasound machine
40 Styleted Epidural catheter
41 Rac’s catheters
42 Intrathecal infusion pumps
43 Pain assessment chart
44 OT Table fluoroscopy compatible
45 Nerve locator
46 Computer
47 Anodyne Machine (Optional) (For diabetic foot care)
48 Crash cart
49 Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulating Machine (optional)
50 Anesthetic machine with resuscitation equipment
51 Monitors for vital signs (NIBP, P.R, ECG, SPO2, Temperature, R.R)
52 18 G epidural needle
53 Nerve stimulator
54 Multimedia Projector with screen