Research activity of Department

Clinical trial/MUHS/ICMR/Any other

Sr. No Title of research project Name of Principle investigator Sanctioning/

Collaborating agency

01 To study the genetic polymorphism of CYP1A2 and CYP2J2 in myocardial infarction Mrs. Rasika Pathak Ongoing
02 To study the prognostic value of some biochemical parameters in patients of Acute  Kidney  injury undergoing Hemodialysis Mrs. Ahire Nutan Ongoing
03 Correlation of academic performance and attendance in first MBBS students in biochemistry. Mrs. Rasika Pathak

Dr. Surekha Nemade

04 Comparative study of various biochemical parameters in COVID – 19 patients of stage 1. Dr. Surekha Nemade

Dr. Shubhangi Wankhade