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Dr. Surekha Nemade , M.B.B.S., M.D. (Biochemistry)
Dr. Surekha Nemade , M.B.B.S., M.D. (Biochemistry)







Today’s Biochemistry is tomorrow’s Medicine:

Biochemistry is one of the Basic science subjects in the Medical Education.

The goal of teaching biochemistry including molecular biology to undergraduate students is to make them understand the scientific basis of the life processes at a molecular level and orient them towards the application of knowledge acquired in solving Clinical Problems.

 The skilled clinician must be able to translate back and forth between the basic science and clinical science. Mastering the knowledge in a Discipline like Biochemistry is a formidable task. Thus by teaching Biochemistry to first-year M.B.B.S. students we try to decrease the gulf between the Biochemistry and its application in clinical practice. Thus our scenario is to reinforce the concept of clinical biochemistry. We focus on the development of the ability of the student to handle the real-life situation. 

Each faculty from the Biochemistry department tries to best of their ability to inculcate the value-based education which will enhance the responsiveness of the students. Our approach of teaching Biochemistry is now more application-based as per New CBME curriculum. We emphasis on the Alignment and Integration of the subject both horizontally and vertically, keeping in mind the strength and necessity of the subject. We are teaching basic and laboratory sciences integrated with their clinical relevance. Our method of teaching is Learner centric, outcome-oriented which may result to achieve the global trends. 

We believe in The Assessment Driven  Learning  Hence, we conduct various internal assessment examinations for the continuous improvement of the students. The way of assessment is measurable, unbiased, transparent and objective. To fulfill the goal of creating Indian Medical Graduate, we conduct various learning sessions like AETCOM, Small group discussions, S.D.L., E.C.E., Electives, Foundation course, Sport and ECA, DOAP.

All the faculty members undergo continuous faculty development programs and workshops like CME, CISP, AETCOM, MET, Basic research methodology workshop for the effective implementation and sustenance of curricular reforms. I feel very proud to have esteemed faculty members, responsible for the outstanding university results over the years along with an increasing number of distinction holding students. 

Biochemistry department also serves in patient care and has a separate section in the Central Clinical Laboratory of the Institute.

We provide 24 hr service for the routine and special Biochemical investigations. Biochemistry Laboratory is well equipped with high-end instruments like ABG analyzer, Fully auto analyzers, Electrolyte analyzer (ISE)  HPLC, Chemiluminescence. We strive for continuous quality assurance by participating in External Quality Assurance Scheme(EQAS). 

Our faculty is also trained in NABL, NABH programs which adds yet another feather to my department.

We are also contributing to COVID-19 pandemic era along with Microbiology and Pathology department.

We participate in various community camps by providing laboratory services to the community.