Anesthesiology and Critical Care

About the Department


The goal of MD course in Anesthesia is to produce a knowledgeable and skillful anesthesiologist who

  1. Is competent to anaesthetize all categories of patients from ASA-I to V with medical problems for every type of elective and emergency surgery.
  2. Should be able to diagnose and treat acute and chronic pain conditions.
  3. Should be competent to manage critically ill patients in emergency and ICU requiring routine to advanced monitoring, mechanical ventilation andother interventions.
  4. Should be aware of the recent advances and developments in medical sciences as related to anaesthesia, analgesia and critical care.
  5. Should be oriented to principles of research methodology; and
  6. Is competent to teach acquired skills to medical and paramedicalprofessionals.


Department of anaesthesia makes sure that the candidatedevelops in all frontsi.e. cognitive, affective and psychomotor domain as it is important foranaesthesiologist to work as member/team leader in various clinical and criticalsituations in OR and outside OR. Candidate should be able to demonstratefollowing at the end of training.

  1. Demonstrate familiarity with diagnostic skills and laboratory proceduresrelevant to the diagnosis and evaluation of patients under Her / His care.
  2. Critically evaluate recent medical literature from journals, reference books:monographs update knowledge and adapt therapeutic procedures basedon this appraisal.
  3. Manage administration of anaesthesia to patients of all grades of ASA riskgrading and all types of surgical subspecialties both for elective andemergency procedures.
  4. Demonstrate aptitude and will to remain clear headed and act correctlywhen faced with critical incidence in the operating room and critical careunits.
  5. Demonstrate the knowledge of ethics and medico legal aspects related tothe practice of anaesthesiology and critical care.
  6. To work in a team and show leadership qualities in dealing withparamedics.


After the internship in the department of Anesthesiology an intern shallacquire knowledge, skill and attitude to

  1. Perform pre-anaesthetic check up and prescribe pre-anaestheticmedications;
  2. Perform venepuncture and set up intravenous drip;
  3. Perform laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation;
  4. Perform lumbar puncture, spinal anaesthesia and simple nerve blocks;
  5. Conduct simple general asaesthetic procedures under supervision;
  6. Monitor patients during anaesthesia and post operative period;
  7. Recognise and manage problems associated with emergencyanaesthesia;
  8. Maintain anaesthetic records;
  9. Recognise and treat complication in post operative period;
  10. Perform cardio-pulmonary brain resuscitation (C.P.B.R.) currectly,including recognition of cardiac arrest.


The innovative new curriculum has been structured tofacilitate horizontal and vertical integration betweendisciplines, bridge the gaps between theory & practice.


Specialty clinics

  • Pain Clinic
  • Pre-Anaesthetic Clinic

Departmental Library - Available

Departmental Museum - Available


  • Anaestheia Work Stations
  • Multi Channel Monitor with 2 invasive probes
  • Fiberoptic Laryngoscope
  • Fiberoptic Bronchoscope
  • Resuscitation equipment for teaching purpose

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