Best Practices

Title of the practice: 

To capture ADRs (Adverse Drug Reaction) through student ambassadors

Objectives of the practice :

a) To sensitize II-MBBS students about importance of ADR reporting 

b) To train II-MBBS students in ‘ADR report form’ filling  

The context :

Worldwide 95% of serious ADRS are not reported, ADR reporting rarely exceeds 10%. 2.9 – 5.6% of all hospital administration is due to ADRs. 35% of all hospitalized patients’ experiences ADRs during their hospitalization. Under-reporting of ADR is a common problem. So, the awareness of the ADR reporting is necessary amongst the healthcare professionals. Awareness and training the II-MBBS students in ADR reporting will consequently have a positive effect when they become health care professionals. The II- MBBS students will be posted in various clinical departments. Training them from the beginning will be very useful.  


a) Under-reporting of ADRs by Doctors and Health care professionals  

b) Busy duty schedule of Health care Professionals may lead to omission of ADR reporting 

c) Lack of concentration of Pharmacovigilance amongst students 

The practice :

a) Students were trained about ADRs and how to report them. Six students from the II- MBBS were selected based on their percentage of marks obtained in I – MBBS (70% and above) through a lottery system. These six students were the ambassadors for a period of six months. After six months the selection is done based on the academic performance, attendance percentage and individual interest of the students.  

b) Ambassadors used posters for awareness of ADR reporting in the wards for patients, relatives, visitors and health care professionals.   

c) The training program was also extended to staff and undergraduates of Physiotherapy, Nursing and Pharmacy colleges to increase ADR reporting.

d) Analysis of the data was done and feedback from student ambassadors was noted.  

Evidence of success:

a) Students started to show interest to be part of Pharma industries (Pharmacovigilance wing) by acknowledging the importance of ADR reporting.

b) Staff nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists also started reporting of ADRs 

Problems encountered and resources required :

a) Students think that it’s not their responsibility to report ADR

b) Lack of motivation 

c) Lack of knowledge to differentiate between ADRs and aggravated pathological conditions