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Dr Nandan Somani :

I am Dr.Nandan Somani, currently perusing my post-graduation in Ophthalmology at INHS Asvini Mumbai.

I have done my MBBS from Dr Vasantrao Pawar medical college, Nashik. I am a student of 2012 batch. Everyone loves their UG college and so do I. My college days were very memorable and I really feel proud to graduate from this institute.

The 1st year was short, but the way the faculty in 1st year grooved us and motivated us to study, we thoroughly enjoyed the 1st year.

Year by year academics were going on but simultaneously college helped us grow as an individual. College festivals, Delhi Pulse, helped us grow our personality.

In 2015, there was Kumbh Mela in Nashik and our college gave CPR training to over 2000 policer officers and paramedic staff. We volunteered in their training and it imbibed in us the values of social service.

My college always motivated us for research. We presented many posters in Avishkar, and got selected for ICMR. We conducted a huge research on field on Sadhus in Kumbh Mela and it helped us to know community services. I really miss those days.

Annual festivals, and college celebrations like ganeshotsav, Dahi handi, Rang Panchami, helped us develop socially. It imbibed the qualities of planning and execution which I feel are important and helped me a lot.

My college never negotiated in our studies and professors were like helping pillars for us. They made us prepare not only for University exams, but to become ready to be able to treat the patients and for the NEET exams we all were about to face. It started coaching classes for us in college premises itself so that we could prepare for the entrance exams.

College premises has a huge ground, and the amount of time we spent on the ground helped me build myself physically and mentally.

I would be forever grateful to my college, for bringing out the best in me. I was such a naive little fellow back in 2012, a wet clay ready to be moulded into anything. I thank my college and the professors, for moulding me into a person where I find myself more confident, and mature. Forever obliged.

Dr  NandanSomani

Batch 2012-18

Past faculty testimonial:

Dr Parikshit Muley

Testimonials :                    

Name:-  Dr.Parikshit Ashok Muley

Worked as an- Assistant Professor and Associate Professor

Time duration- 14th January 2013- 31st December 2019 (6 years and 11 months) 

I am very glad to share a wonderful journey of Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College Hospital and RC Adgaon Nasik.

Dr VPMC is where I started my life away from the college life campus. It was the starting of my journey as a professional doctor leaving behind the student life and entering into the phase of life which requires maturity and vision to look ahead. 

When I joined the institute I was privileged to work with the staff of our institute which is a blend of experienced teachers and enthusiastic teachers. Experienced teachers guided us while enthusiastic teachers inspired us. 

The management is very cooperative and was also supportive. Whatever the new laboratories, machinery and infrastructure required was made available in a very short time. Apart from that timely increment, promotion and understanding between the employee and the employer was well established. 

In terms of higher authorities i.e Respected Dean of the college was a truly inspirational figure for us. She inspired us to devote for the service to the patient, to the department& organization. Her ability to give the suitable work capable of the calibre of the employee was great. 

I was fortunate enough to work in the department of Physiology with 2 great personalities. 

One who had lots of experience Dr IPR GajbhiyeSir. We considered ourself fortunate that we were working and taking the important experience from Sir as he was the senior-most working faculty in Physiology in the country. We learned lots of things which needs to be done to keep the “homeostatic” environment in the department from Sir. 

Another great personality was Dr Barde Sir who was the Alumni student of AIIMS, New Delhi. Going to AIIMS is everyone’s dream who are in India. But only a few of them go in AIIMS and return to their hometown. Sir was one of them. Leaving AIIMS and serving our institute. So naturally, we were overwhelmed working with him. One of the qualities of Sir is having that he gives the confidence and enthusiasm to all the persons around him. That confidence helped me to gain confidence in the investigative laboratories of Physiology. That confidence helped the department to start the patient-related activities in the department.  

Rest of the departmental teaching and non-teaching staff had always provided support, cooperation and feeling of being one family to me. 

It was a real satisfaction and privilege for me to work in such an institute under such great personalities. These memories of the institute and the staff will always be close to my heart and will cherish them for my lifetime. Hope to continue the same type of work with the same enthusiasm and learnings in the next institute.