HOD Desk


Dr. Rahul P. Kote (M.B.B.S., M.D. Dermatology, D.V.D, D.N.B)

The department has grown up in its size since its foundation and has contributed remarkably to the Dermatology specialty.

The department has followed many new innovative treatment methods like Dexamethasone cyclophosphamide pulse therapy and newer upcoming biological modalities such as rituximab in pemphigus and, omalizumab in chronic urticaria/ resistant atopic adult dermatitis and investigative procedures like autologous serum skin therapy for chronic urticaria.

The department has been subsequently expanded as postgraduate courses were started in 2009 and modernized and has acquired three lasers and expanded dermatosurgery, phototherapy. Faculty has been trained to specialize in different subspecialties such as lasers and dermatopathology. We have tried to use innovative methods such as whatsapp group creation, regular quizzes to increase the interest of the students in the subject and also to enhance their knowledge. Our faculty members have authored many international, national indexed publications as well as book chapters.

The department also conducts specialty clinics every day in STDs, vesiculo-bullous dermatosis, contact dermatitis, pigmentary diseases vitiligo, and Leprosy.

Every year around 13,000 patients visit the outpatient department and around 700 patients are admitted in the indoor department and much larger number in day care for pulse therapy. The department provides the state of the art treatment in all domains of Dermatology and is equipped with the most modern equipment. We are also conducting camps, field visits and using digital methods such as newspapers, radio to address major dermatological public health problems such as leprosy, vitiligo and psoriasis.

“Our Current department set up is student friendly, vibrant academically and enthusiastic research-wise.

I Foresee that the students passing out from our department will shine in practice or teaching, whatever they choose!

I also envisage that this department has a strong potential in reaching a mark in academics and research at higher levels over the years to come.”