Research Activity of Department

Sr. No. Year Title of  Thesis Name of Student Name of the Guide Status
1 2014-2015 Study of thyroid function tests in cases of polymorphic light eruption in tertiary care institute. Dr. Chirag Chadha Dr. Milind Deshmukh Completed
2 2014-2015 Comparative efficacy of three low dose isoteretionoin  regimens in treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris in tertiary care institute Dr. Maitri Shah Dr. Anil Gugle Completed
3 2015-2016 A comparative study of thyroid function tests and serum alkaline phosphatase levels among  psoriasis patients and comparative group in tertiary care institute Dr. Paresh Agiwal Dr. Milind Deshmukh Completed
4 2015-2016 Study of thyroid function tests in patients of vitiligo in tertiary care centre. Dr. Sayali Korde Dr. Anil Gugle Completed
5 2016-2017 A clinical and histopathological correlation among Leprosy Patients (in this post elimination era)attending tertiary referral centre Dr. Madhavi Thombare Dr. Anil Gugle Completed
6 2016-2017 Study of Dermatological Manifestations In Chronic Renal Failure Patients on Hemodialysis in a Tertiary Health Care Centre Dr. Madhur Kelkar Dr. Anil Gugle Completed
7 2017-2018 Study of clinical variants of lichen planus in patients at a tertiary health care centre : An observational study Dr. Joy Das Dr. Rahul Kote Completed
8 2017-2018 Comparative Study of The Efficacy Of Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Alone And Its Combination With Subcision In Treatment Of Acne Scars in a Tertiary Health Care Center. Dr. Jaya Bharati Dr. Vijay Zawar Completed
9 2018-2019 Clinical Study Of Cutaneous Lesions in Newborns at a Tertiary Health Care Center. Dr. Sindhushree Hiremath Dr. Vijay Zawar Ongoing
10 2018-2019 Clinical and Mycological profile of Recurrent Dermatophytosis in patients at tertiary care centre. Dr. Shwetal Rathi Dr. Rahul Kote Ongoing
11 2019-2020 Study of Clinical and Dermoscopic

Findings in Melasma and Melasma like facial pigmentation.

Dr. Vaibhav Mali Dr. Rahul Kote Ongoing
12 2019-2020 A Study of Follicular Unit Transplantation as a Treatment Modality in patients with Stable Vitiligo at Tertiary Health Care Centre. Dr. Shivani Agrawal Dr. Vijay Zawar Ongoing
13 2019-2020 A study of the effect of Q switched Nd:YAG 1064 nm laser in the treatment of onychomycosis at a Tertiary Health  Care Centre Dr. Pallavi Prabhu Dr. Vijay Zawar Ongoing