Research Activity of Department

Sr. No. Year Title of the thesis Name of Student Name of the guide Status
2015 A Comparative Study Of Iop (Intraocular Pressure) Patients By Different Tonometers In Patients Attending Tertiary Care Hospital Dr. Kalamuddin Shaikh  Dr. Ajit Khune Completed
2015 Correlational Study Of Central Corneal Thickness With Degree Of Myopia Dr. Neha Pavaskar Dr. Dhiraj Balwir Completed
2015 Impact On Visual Outcome And Complications In Postoperative Raised Iop (Intraocular Pressure) Patients Of Cataract Surgery At A Tertiary Care Hospital Dr. Saudamini Jadhav Dr. Mrunal Patil Completed
2016 Retinopathy Of Prematunity Screening In A Tertiary Care  Centre Dr. Miloni Shah  Dr. Ajit Khune Completed
2016 Pseudo Exfoliation Syndrome Clinical Profile And Visual Outcome After Small Incision Cataract Surgery. Dr. Mrunall Borrse Dr. Dhiraj Balwir Completed
2016 Clinical Profile Of Patients With Primary Glaucoma In A Tertiary Care Hospital Dr. Pranjali Pawar Dr. Mrunal Patil Completed
2017 Evaluation of surgically induced astigmatism in Small incision cataract surgery with superior and temporal incision at  a tertiary care centre A Comparative study. Dr. Yogita Punjabi Dr. Mrunal Patil Ongoing
2017 A Comparative Study Of Intra Ocular Pressure Using Contact And Non Contact Tonometer at a tertiary care centre. Dr. Yash  Pathak Dr. Dhiraj Balwir Ongoing
2017 Fundus Fluorescien Angiography –A Clinical Study In Diabetic Retinopathy Dr. Snehal Rajgire Dr. Ajit Khune Ongoing
2018 Distribution of various type of myopia & its association with ocular disorders at a tertiary care centre Dr. Ashwin Parati Dr. Mrunal Patil Ongoing
2018 Intraoperative complications during phacoemulsification in cataract surgery at tertiary care centre Dr. Rajas Daware Dr. Dhiraj Balwir Ongoing
2018 A Study of ocular fundus findings in hypertension in pregnancy in tertiary care hospital. Dr. Chetan Gaikwad Dr. Ajit Khune Ongoing
2019 Management of Posterior Capsular tear with scleral fixated IOL. Dr. Karansing Chavan Dr. Mrunal Patil Ongoing
2019 A Clinical Study on Diabetic Retinopathy at tertiary care centre Dr. Priyanka Patil Dr. Mrunal Patil Ongoing
2019 A Study to Analyze Patterns of Structural Changes in Clinically Significant Diabetic Macular Edema on Optical Coherence Tomography Dr. Rishikesh Arali Dr. Dhiraj Balwir Ongoing
2019 A Prospective Study on Changes in Keratometry Reading and Astigmatism Induced By Pterygium before and after Pterygium Excision Surgery at Tertiary care centre. Dr. Neha Chaudhary Dr. Ajit Khune