Speciality Clinics/Health Centres & Services Provided

Sr. No Name of Speciality Clinic/Health Centre/Service Name of Faculty In-charge
1  Glaucoma Clinic Monday Dr. Shweta Kokas
2 Cornea Clinic Tuesday Dr. Kishor Patil
3  Squint Clinic Wednesday Dr. Swapnil Vidhate
4 Oculoplasty clinic Thursday Dr. Ajit Khune
5 Retina Clinic Friday Dr. Kalpana Gadsing

Dr. Swapnil Vidhate

6 Neuro-Ophthalmology clinic Friday Dr. Swapnil Vidhate
7 Uvea clinic Saturday Dr. Kalpana Singh
8 Refraction Clinic All days Mrs. Anjali Jondhale
9 Eye Bank All days Dr. Dhiraj Balwir / Dr. Tejashree Sutar