Research Activity of Department

Sr. No. Year Title of the thesis Name of Student Name of the guide Status
1 2011-2014 Study of Diagnostic arthroscopy in acute hemarthrosis of knee Dr. Akshay Gadiya Dr. Anil Jadhav Completed
2 2011-2014 “Prospective Study of outcome of open tibia fracture managed by ring fixator” Dr. Riteshkumar Jharande Dr. Bharat Kelker Completed
3 2011-2014 Functional outcome following arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction by Medial Portal (Anatomical) technique using Semitendinosus-gracilis Auto graft in Patients of ACL Insufficiency. Dr. Sagar Kakatkar Dr. Avinash Pulate Completed
4 2011-2014 Study of outcome of titanium elastic nail system in femoral diaphyseal femoral fractures in children Dr. Binoy Shah Dr. Avinash Pulate Completed
5 2011-2014 Study of outcome of close reduction and percutaneous K-wire fixation in supracondylar humerus fracture in children Dr. Shreyas Vaghasia Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Completed
6 2012-2015 Study of functional outcome of open reduction & internal fixation of intra-articular fractures of distal end humerus Dr. Aditya Gunjotikar Dr. Avinash Pulate Completed
7 2012-2015 “Study of functional Outcome of Plate Osteosynthesis in Tibial Plateau Fractures.” Dr. Vishal Popat Dr. Avinash Pulate Completed
8 2012-2015 “Study of the functional outcome of biological reconstruction of lower one third tibial fractures treated with anatomical locking plates.”. Dr. Shahin Karovalia Dr. Anil Jadhav Completed
9 2012-2015 “Study of functional outcome of closed reduction and percutaneous Pin fixation for the treatment of intra – articular calcaneum fractures” Dr. Sagar Kelkar Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Completed
10 2012-2015 “Study of outcome of Surgical management of Diaphyseal fractures of Tibia treated with intramedullary interlock Nailing” Dr. Vishnudas Khandade Dr. Bharat Kelker Completed
11 2013-2016 “To Study the functional outcome of primary cemented bipolar hemiarthroplasty in management of unstable intertrochanteric femur fracture among elderly patients.” Dr. Parth Agrawal Dr. Nitin Wagh Completed



12 2013-2016 Functional outcome of arthroscopic reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using quadrupled semitendinosisautograft. Dr. Vikas Negi Dr. Mukesh Agrawal Completed
13 2013-2016 “Functional Outcome in Osteoarthritis patients treated with primary total knee Arthroplasty at tertiary care centre” Dr. Utkarsh Pawar Dr.  Bharat  Kelkar Completed
14 2013-2016 Functional Outcome of unstable thoracolumbar spine fractures managed by posterior decompression and fixation with pedicle screw. Dr. Anand Walawalkar Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Completed
15 2013-2016 “To Study the functional outcome of closed Intra medullary interlocking nailing among patient with Type I and Type II open fracture of femoral shaft.” Dr. Amit Bhasale Dr. Satyen Joshi Completed
16 2014-2017 “Study of Survivorship and functional outcome of total hip Arthroplasty in avascular necrosis of femoral head.” Dr. Mehul Sarkar Dr. Nitin Wagh Completed
17 2014-2017 “The functional outcome of bimalleolarfractures treated by open reduction and internal fixation with screws and plates.” Dr. ArpitGajjar Dr. Satyen Joshi Completed
18 2014-2017 “Functional outcome in proximal humerus fractures treated with closed reduction and percutaneous pinning.” Dr. Suyog Chavhan Dr.  Bharat Kelkar Completed
19 2014-2017 “Study of Management of open type IIIa and type IIIb fracture of tibia by limb reconstruction system.” Dr. GauravKapadnis Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Completed
20 2014-2017 “The Functional outcome of Multi segmental cervical myelopathy treated with anterior cervical surgery.” Dr. Pramod Tupe Dr. Mukesh Agrawal Completed
21 2015-2018 “To study functional outcome of modified BURK- SCHAFFERS approaches with fixation by 4mm cannulatedcancellous screw for PCL Tibial Avulsion Fracture.” Dr. Nitish Agrawal Dr. Satyen Joshi Completed
22 2015-2018 “Functional outcome of distal end radius fracture treated by ligamentotaxis by external fixator. Dr. Yogesh Rathod Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Completed
23 2015-2018 “Unstableintertrochanteric femur fracture in elderly treated by bipolar hemiarthroplasty Versus dynamic hip screw- A prospective comparative study”. Dr. Ameya Kulkarni Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Completed



24 2015-2018 “Functional outcome of Arthroscopic reconstruction of single bundle anterior cruciate ligament with 5 strand hamstring autografts.” Dr. Bhalchandra Bhalerao Dr. Nitin Wagh Completed
25 2015-2018 Functional outcome of fusion and instrumentation in lumbar spondylolisthesis. Dr. Nimesh Nebhani Dr. Mukesh Agrawal Completed
26 2016-2019 “Functional outcome of ACDF with anterior cervical plating among patients of cervical disc disease at a tertiary health Centre.” Dr. Aditya Apte Dr. Sandeep Aware Completed
27 2016-2019 “To study the comparison between functional outcome of 95-degree dynamic condylar screw versus proximal femoral nail in treatment of subtrochanteric femur fracture.” Dr. Akshay Fuse Dr. Satyen Joshi Completed
28 2016-2019 “The functional outcome of simultaneous anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with Meniscus Repair” Dr. Shantanu Bharadwaj Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Completed
29 2016-2019 “Functional outcome in patients undergoing Arthroscopic single row repair for rotator cuff tears.” Dr. Adit Maniar Dr. Nitin Wagh Completed
30 2016-2019 “To study the functional outcome of Schatzker type V and VI proximal Tibial fractures treated with bicondylar plating at a tertiary care Centre.” Dr. Mayur Pekhale Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Completed
31 2017-2020 Correlation between Radiographic union and functional outcome in the use of proximal femoral nail for intertrochanteric fracture at a tertiary care centre Dr. Deepak Kumar Singh Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Ongoing
32 2017-2020 To study Functional outcome of jess fixation for proximal humerus fractures in tertiary health care centre Dr. Tanay Goyal Dr. Mukesh Agrawal Ongoing
33 2017-2020 To study functional outcome of bone patellar bone graft in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction Dr. Chinmay Salunkhe Dr. Nitin Wagh Ongoing
34 2017-2020 To study comparison between functional outcome of open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) Versus MIPO in treatment of lower third tibia fracture Dr. Sameer Shelar Dr. Satyen Joshi Ongoing
35 2018-2021 “To study the functional outcomes of intra articular distal end femur fractures treated with locking compression plating.” Dr. Shubham Zade Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Ongoing




36 2018-2021 “To study outcomes of bone patellar tendon bone autograft versus semitendinosus autograft in reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament tear.” Dr. Kaustubh Devasthali Dr. Satyen Joshi Ongoing
37 2018-2021 Functional outcome of posterior lumbar interbody fusion technique with implant in degenerative spondylolistesis at L4, L5 level Dr. Vishal Harkar Dr. Mukesh Agrawal Ongoing
38 2018-2021 Comparative study of humerus shaft fractures treated with nailing versus plating. Dr. Vishwesh Chudasama Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Ongoing
39 2018-2021 To study Functional outcome in upper limb phalynx fracture treated by JESS fixator Dr. Shrikant Vetal Dr. NitinWagh Ongoing
40 2019-2022 Compliance of patients in case of CTEV treated by serial ponsetti Dennis brown splint and tenotomy Dr. Kashyap Solanki Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Ongoing
41 2019-2022 Functional outcome in case of TENS nailing done in case of pediatric patients Dr. Tushar Shete Dr. Sandeep Pangavane Ongoing
42 2019-2022 Functional Outcome of percutaneous fixation of scaphoid fracture with Herbert screw Dr. Gaurav Pawar Dr. Nitin Wagh Ongoing
43 2019-2022 “Functional outcome of unstable intertrochanteric fracture in elderly treated with bipolar hemiarthroplasty.” Dr. Ashwinikumar Madavi Dr. Mukesh Agrawal Ongoing
44 2019-2022 “Functional outcome in management of floating knee” Dr. Saurabh Tidke Dr. Satyen Joshi Ongoing
45 2019-2022 A study functional outcome of distal end intra articular humerus fracture treated with ORIF plating and olecranon osteotomy at a tertiary care center Dr. Sameer Shelavale Dr. Sandeep Aware Ongoing