Speciality Clinics/Health Center/Services Provided

Sr. No Day Name of specialty clinic/Health center/Service Name of Faculty In-Charge
1 Monday Fracture clinic Dr. Sandeep Pangavane

Dr. Brijbhushan Mahajan

2 Arthritis Clinic Dr. Pangavane Sandeep

Dr. Brijbhushan Mahajan

3 Tuesday Hand Clinic Dr. Rajesh Sonawane

Dr. Kunal Dhurve

4 Wednesday Spine Clinic Dr. Mukesh Agrawal

Dr. Vishal Patil

Dr. Pranit Sonawane

5 Thursday Arthroplasty Clinic Dr. Nitin Wagh

Dr. Satyen Joshi

6 Arthroscopy Clinic


Dr. Nitin Wagh

Dr. Satyen Joshi

Dr. Ashutosh Ushir

7 Friday CTEV clinic Dr. Nikhil Challawar

Dr. Sandeep Aware