Instruments & Equipments

1 Sterilizer
2 Cidex instrument sterilization tray
3 Digital /Electronic BP Apparatus
4 Stethoscope
  X-ray view box in all OPD rooms 5 sets each consisting of :
5 Thudicum/St.Clair Thomson Nasal Speculum different sizes
6 Lac’s Tongue depressor different sizes
7 Nasopharyngeal mirrors different sizes
8 Laryngeal mirrors different sizes
9 Suction apparatus
10 Aural speculum different sizes
11 Nasal Suction different sizes
12 Ear Suction different sizes
13 Siegel’s speculum
14 Tuning fork (256 Hz)
15 Tuning fork (512 Hz)
16 Tuning fork (1024 Hz)
17 Bayonet forceps
18 Head Mirror
19 Bulls lamp
20 Otoscope with halogen bulb, rechargeable battery and Siegle attachment
21 Head Light With LED/Halogen lamp
22 Jobson Horne probe
23 Instrument tray
24 Kidney tray
25 The OPDs should have Otoendoscope, Nasalendoscope, Laryngeal telescope with camera, monitor and light source for teaching purposes (1 Unit of the above may be placed either in Minor OT or Endoscopy room or in the OPD in the Consultant Chamber)
26 Optional- One treatment unit may be placed in the Consultant Chamber in the OPD which will facilitate and replace the instruments required in that room for examination purposes and help in teaching clinical skills.
(B) Ward
27 Four sets consisting of the instruments required in the OPD should be kept in the ward for teaching purposes and for examination time.
28 One mobile spotlight, One Tracheostomy set should be placed in the ward.
29 The ward side room/emergency treatment room should have a mobile spotlight
(C) Major Operation Theatre.
  The OTs should be equipped with the requisite equipment for anaesthesia, cautery machines, suction machines and general operative sets.
  (a) Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy set – 2 sets, each consisting of
30 Biopod
31 Tonsil holding forceps
32 Boyle-Davis mouth gag with difference size blades
33 Waugh’s tenaculum forceps: plain and tooth
34 Tonsil dissector and pillar retractor
35 Tonsil snare
36 Negus artery forceps
37 Wilson’s double curved artery forceps
38 Tonsil scissors
39 Burkit artery forceps
40 Adenotome
41 Adenoid curette with and without cage
42 Yankaueroropharyngeal suction (disposable)
  (b) Set for nasal bone fracture
43 Asch forceps
44 St.Vlair Thompson Nasal Speculum
45 Killian Long bladed Nasal speculum
46 Walsham forceps
  (c) Septoplasty set
47 Killian’s nasal speculum
48 Nasal dressing forceps
49 Knife handle
50 Freer elevator
51 Howarth elevator
52 Sickle knife
53 Ballenger’s swivel knife
54 Takahashi forceps
55 Luc tissue cutting forceps
56 Cottle elevator
57 Fish tail (bayonet shape) gouge
58 Nasal mallet
  (d) FESS set
59 Rigid nasal endoscope 0 degree,4 mm and 2.7 mm size
60 Rigid nasal endoscope 30 degree, 4 mm and 2.7 mm size
61 Light source and light cable
62 Sickle knife
63 Endoscopic Camera with suitable display with recording & archiving facility. (with High Definition Camera)
64 Retrograde punch
65 Nasal suction cannula different sizes
66 Blakesley forceps – straight 1and upturn
67 Double curved suction cannula different sizes
68 General Fess Instruments
69 Sinus probe and curette
70 Lacrimal probes for endoscopic DCR (optional)
  (e) Direct laryngoscopy set
71 Negus laryngoscope
72 Anterior commissure laryngoscope for adult and pediatric sizes
73 Laryngoscope for adult and pediatric sizes
74 Light source
75 Light cable
76 Biopsy forceps
77 Foreign body removal forceps
78 Laryngeal suctions
  (g)Microlaryngoscopy set
79 Kleinsasser’s laryngoscope
80 Suspension system for Laryngoscope
81 Fibreoptic lighting system
82 Microlaryngeal Scissors
83 Microlaryngeal cup forceps
  (h) Tympanoplasty set
84 Graft knife
85 Aural speculum
86 Graft scissors
87 Graft press
88 Rosen first incision knife
89 Drum elevator
90 Micro suction Cannula with thumb adaptor
91 Curette
92 Blunt elevator
93 Sickle knife
94 Ball probe
95 Ear granulation forceps straight, up turn and side turn
96 Graft forceps
  (i) Mastoidectomy set
97 Gouge (different sizes)
98 Cat’s paw retractor
99 Mallet
100 Knife handle
101 Mosquito artery forceps
102 Electric drill (motor, hand piece and burrs)
103 Endaural retractor/post aural retractor for right and left ear
104 Mastoid seeker
105 Malleus head nipper
106 Aditus seeker
107 Suction cannula with adapter for thumb control
108 Ear granulation forceps straight, up turn and side turn
  (j) Stapedectomy set
109 Pick-straight
110 Perforator
111 70 Angled
112 Measuring rod
113 Prosthesis crimper
  (k) Oesophagoscopy set
114 Oesophagoscopes sizes for different age group
115 Oesophageal dilators
116 Biopsy forceps
117 Light source and cable
118 Foreign body removal forceps
119 Suction cannula
  (l) Bronchoscopy set
120 Bronchoscopes different sizes for different age groups
121 Foreign body removal forceps
122 Biopsy forceps
123 Light source and cable
124 Suction cannula
125 Peanut forceps
  (m) Tracheostomy set
126 Needle holder
127 Bard Parker knife handle
128 Ribbon right angled retractors
129 Curved arteries
130 Straight arteries
131 Cricoid hook
132 Tracheal dilator
  (n) Excision Biopsy Set
133 Doyen mouth gag
134 Knife handle
135 Adson’s tissue holding forceps toothed
136 Jenin’s mouth gag
137 Adson’s tissue holding forceps plain
138 Ellis tissue forceps
139 Mosquito curved artery forceps
140 Mayo scissors different sizes
141 Curved artery forceps
142 Cat’s paw retractors
143 Babcock tissue forceps
144 Right angle retractors
145 Skin hook single
146 Skin hooks double
147 Thread cutting scissors
148 Needle holder different sizes
  Minor Operation Theatre
  (a) Direct laryngoscope set
149 Laryngoscope – Anterior Commissure
150 Biopsy forceps
151 Lighting system
152 Foreign body removal forceps
153 Negus
  (b) Micro ear examination set
154 Aural cup forceps
155 Aural speculum
156 Suction cannula
  (c) Nasal packing set
157 St Clair Thompson nasal speculum different sizes
158 Nasal packing forceps
159 Nasal suction cannula
  (d) Nasal endoscopy trolley with 0 degree & 30 degree 4mm endoscope with light source, cable , monitor & camera
160 (e) Others
161 Higginson syringe
162 Tracheostomy set
163 Aural Syringe
164 Sterilizer
165 Bowls, kidney treys, towel clips, sponge holding forceps and Cheatle forceps Intubation set
    (E) Miscellaneous Equipment
166 Electrocautery Unit
167 Basic OT table
168 Operating microscope for major Operation Theatre ( with camera attachment & monitor for teaching and recording )
169 Spot Mobile Light
170 Operating microscope for minor Operation Theatre
171 OAE Impedance audiometer (With sound treated air-conditioned room for audiometry)
172 Puretone audiometer
173 Brainstem evoked response audiometer with ASSR
174 Multimedia Projector with Screen
  Teaching models/simulators as a part of the college CAL lab to teach clinical skills and procedure to the students must be available
  (F) Additional Equipment
175 Flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscope
176 Brainstem evoked response audiometer
177 Electronystagmograph(Optional)
178 Goggles, plastic apron, gloves for examination of patients with biohazard (HIV & AU +ve)