Students Testimonials

Student testimonial: UG/PG –

1. Dr. Sumeet Kaur Ghai ( PG)


My respected teachers at the ENT department at Vasantrao Pawar Hospital and Medical College helped me craft my surgical and diagnostic skills that took me from a shaking leaf to the confident surgeon that I have become today. Not only did my confidence jump tenfold when I finished my residency, but I also got equipped with tools I can use for the rest of my life. First and foremost Dr. Burse Sir who has been a father figure for all the past residents understood where I was in terms of knowledge of ENT surgery and also patiently taught me in ways which were tailored for me and my personality and made me a better surgeon and physician. Dr. Shreeya Maam’s knowledge and surgical skills speak for themselves and her intuitive strategies left me with absolutely no excuses getting in the way of success.  Dr. Sancheti Maam’s kindness and the way she helped polish our operative skills is something I would always remember.  Dr. Chaitanya Sir has the intuition and skills to guide us through the fear of what to do when faced with any problem while treating or operating on any patient. Dr. Rushika Maam taught me techniques that will help me improve my professional skills.  The dynamic composition of the teachers in the department and their cognizance and perception as an elite team together led to the transformation of me from a young budding resident into a strong and confident physician and surgeon. A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart.

Sumeet Kaur Ghai

2)Divya Bangera (PG)

Experience as a ENT resident in Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College, Adgaon, Nashik.

I Dr. Divya R Bangera was a ENT resident in Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College. I Joined as a resident in 2013 and came out as confident ENT surgeon in 2016. Thanks to my wonderful and talented teachers to infuse this confidence in me. Residents were given a free hand and at the same time were supervised to improve our knowledge and surgical skill. And in the process of teaching us, they never demotivated us. We saw all variety of cases and surgeries, one should see as a resident. Our teachers made sure that we acquire essential skills to practice in this competitive world. It’s their principles I still follow and trying to inculcate in my juniors wherever ever I go. I will always be grateful to my ever encouraging teachers for shaping my career.

[Dr. Divya R Bangera]