Research activity of Department


Sr. No. Year (of submission) Title of the thesis Name of Student Name of the guide Status
1 2016-2017 Study of aetiological onset clinical management of neonatal seizures Dr. Kartik Bomaraddy Dr. Gaikwad Rajendra Completed
2 2016-2017 A comparative study of renal parameters and serum calcium levels in birth asphyxiated neonates and normal neonates Dr. Nirav Kumar Dr Ravindra Sonawane Completed
3 2017-2018 Clinical profile of respiratory distress in newborns Dr. Akshay Patil Dr. Ravindra Sonawane Completed
4 2017-2018 Study of modifiable risk factors in acute respiratory tract infections under 5 years child Dr. Shripad Dhakane Dr. Nilesh Ahire Completed
5 2018-2019 To study haematological indices and CRP in the screening of neonatal sepsis Dr. Marakwad Dipak Dr. Nilesh Ahire Completed
6 2018-2019 Clinical association of dengue with Prothrombin time, aPTT and platelet count Dr. Gupta Esha Anoop Kumar Dr. Ravindra Sonawane Completed
7 2019-2020 To study the effect on serum creatinine level, serum electrolytes level and apnea incidence in a critically ill neonate receiving colistimethate sodium in culture proven sepsis Dr. Urmila Murtadak Shantaram Dr. Nilesh Ahire Completed
8 2019-2020 To study the association of neonatal thrombocytopenia with sepsis Dr. Neha Kulkarni Dr. Ravindra Sonawane Completed
9 2020-2021 To study serum electrolyte and calcium changes in children with severe pneumonia and its outcome Dr. Sanjita Chadha Dr. Nilesh Ahire Ongoing
10 2020-2021 Screening of newborns via pulse-oximetry at birth for critical congenital disease Dr. Ripal Shah Dr. Ravindra Sonawane Ongoing
11 2021-2022 Study of Clinical profile in Infantile tremor syndrome Dr. Shailesh Khadabadi Dr. Ravindra Sonawane Ongoing
12 2021-2022 Study of Iron deficiency and Iron deficiency anaemia in age group 1-6 months Dr. Lajeshree Sawant Dr. Nilesh Ahire Ongoing