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1 Study of adverse Drug reactions related to pre extremely Drug resident and Extremely Drug Resistance Tuberculosis on Bedaquiline drug within 14 days of admission Dr.Sushama R. Dugad1

Dr.Ravindra Shinde 2*

Dr. Khandpur jaspreet Singh Mohindrapal Singh

Dr. Harshal T Pandre

Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences ISSN 2347-954X(Print) 2320-6691 (online)Vol 8(2) Page:0-5 Index Copernicus International
2 Prevalence of Multi Resistant Tuberculosis at a Regional Drug Resident Tuberculosis center of Maharashtra Dr. Gauri S. Kulkarni

Dr. Supriya Dhakane

Dr. Nilesh Patil

Dr Abhijit Telkhade

Dr. Juhi Kadukar

Indian Journal of Respiratory Care Jan – June 2020, ISSN -2277-9019(Print ) ISSN -2321-14899 (online) Val 9(1)page :30-34 Index Copernicus DOAJ Web of Science National
3 An integrated approach towards improving lung functions by Laughter Yoga Dr.Sushama R. Dugad

Dr. Sonal Gawande

Dr. Nilesh  Patil

Dr. Priti Bajaj

Indian Journal of Applied Research, Feb 2019 Vol 9 (2,50-53) Print):2348-263XISSN (Online):2348-2648 Google Scholar International
4 Sputum Characteristics among chillum Smoking Sadhus of Kumbh Mela Dr. Sushama Dugad1

Dr. Pankaj Bhandare2

Dr. Gauri S. Kulkarni3

Dr. Sunil Patil4

MVPJMS Jan – June 2018 Vol 5(1), 96-100 Print):2348-263X ISSN (Online):2348-2648 Index Copernicus National
5 Resistance to Isoniazid and Rifampicine  and Factors Associated with Resistance Among MDR TB Patients Visiting DOTS PLUS Site. Dr. Gauri S. Kulkarni1

Dr. Chetan Mahajan2

MVPJMS Jan – June 2017 Vol 4(1), 14–18, Print):2348-263XISSN (Online):2348-2648 Index Copernicus National
6 Study of Clinicoradiological Profile of patients Undergoing Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy Dr. Gauri S. Kulkarni1

Dr. Saurabh Ambadekar2

MVPJMS Jan – June 2017 Vol 4(1), 64–69, Print):2348-263XISSN (Online):2348-2648 Index Copernicus National
7 Bacteriological profile in Sputum and their Antibiogram Among the Patients of Acute Exacerbation of COPD Dr. Gauri S. Kulkarni1

Dr. Deependra Chadhari2

Dr. Anup Bhoyar3*

Dr. Sushama Dugad4

Dr. Abhijit Telkhade3

MVPJMS  July- Dec 2017 Vol 4(2), 113–117, ISSN (Print):2348-263X ISSN (Online):2348-2648 Index Copernicus National
8 Study of  aerosol therapy compliance in bronchial asthmatics Dr. Bhikchand K. Mutha1

Dr. Gauri S. Kulkarni2*

Dr. Sushama Dugad2

Dr. Saurabh Borgaonkar3

MVPJMS Jan – June 2016 Vol 3(1), 37-43, ISSN  ( Print) : 2348–263X. ISSN (Online) : 2348-2648 Index Copernicus National
9 Study of diagnostic importance of Adenosine Deaminase (ADA) level in pleural effusion Dr. Sachin Kate1

Dr. Bhikchand K. Mutha2

Dr. Gauri S. Kulkarni3

Dr. Chetan Mahajan1*

Dr. Sushama Dugad3

MVPJMS July- Dec 2015 Vol 2(2), 104-109, ISSN : 2348-2648 Print ISSN : 2348-263X Index Copernicus National
10 Correlation of Bronchoscopic Findings with the Clinicoradiological profile of the patients undergoing fibreoptic bronchoscopy in cases of lung cancer Dr. Bhikchand K. Mutha1

Dr. Sushama Dugad2

Dr. Saurabh Ambadekar3

Dr. Anand Singh3*

MVPJMS Jan – June 2015 Vol 2(1), 57-60  ISSN : 2348-2648 Print ISSN : 2348-263X Index Copernicus National