Research activity of Department

Sr.No. Year Title of the Thesis Name of Student Name of the Guide Status
1 2015-2016 Acceptance and compliance with anti H1N1 seasonal vaccine among health care workers at tertiary care center Dr. Pankaj Bhandare Dr. Ramesh Sundrani Completed
2 2015-2016 Study of respiratory diseases in farmers admitted to     pulmonary medicine ward in tertiary health care institute Dr. Maya Mortale Dr. Gauri Kulkarni Completed


2016-2017 To study drug resistance pattern in XDR TB patient visiting DR TB center Dr. Abhijit Telkhade Dr. Gauri Kulkarni Completed
4 2016-2017 Risk factors for acute exacerbation in Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease  patients admitted in tertiary health care center. Dr. Juhi Kadukar Dr. Ramesh Sundrani Completed
5 2017-2018 Prevalence  of diabetes  and hypertension and its association with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases at a tertiary care center Dr. Nilesh Patil Dr. Gauri Kulkarni Completed
6 2018-2019 Pattern of Respiratory diseases and comorbidities in patients attending casualty  department. Dr. Nikhil Raj Dr. Gauri Kulkarni Ongoing
7 2018-2019 Study of insomnia in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients at a tertiary care center. Dr. Jaspreet Singh Dr. Ramesh Sundrani Ongoing
8 2019-2020 “Study of impact of continuous positive airway pressure (c pap) therapy on blood glucose status of type 2 diabetes mellitus in obstructive sleep apnea patients at a tertiary care centre” Dr. Chaitanya Kappagantu Dr. Ramesh  Sundrani Ongoing
9 2019-2020 Comparative study of Clinical and socio demographic profile of smoker and non  smoker chronic obstructive disease patient in a tertiary Health care center. Dr. Siddhesh Bharadi Dr. Gauri Kulkarni Ongoing