HOD’s Desk

Dr. Balaji D. Almale, M.D. (Community Medicine)

Welcome to the Department of Community Medicine. Since the time of formation of this department, it has grown in expertise and competence in the area of educational reforms, curriculum development and research in the field of public health and epidemiology.

At present the department has a total strength of 10 teaching and 10 non-teaching staff along with facility for taking didactic lectures, demonstration classes and practical sessions for 120 students. Our syllabus includes both teacher and student-centered learning which strike a fine balance between professional knowledge and personal skills. We also encourage them to organize and participate in events with social relevance to the community.

Our department has a distinguished record in both teaching and research. Faculty members have excellent academic credentials and are highly regarded. They have been conferred with many prestigious recognition of their efforts at the regional and national levels. Several faculty members serve on the editorial boards of institutional and national journals, review articles for journals on a regular basis, and organize symposia and conferences.

I invite the students to enjoy their experience in Community Medicine which will help them to prepare themselves as a competent, knowledgeable and skillful, community and first level physicians.