Community Medicine







UG Course 


The undergraduate course in community medicine aims at preparing students to function in the community as primary level physicians in accordance with the institutional goals.


Undergraduate students must demonstrate:
  1. Understanding of the concept of health and disease
  2. Understanding of demography, population dynamics and disease burden in National and global context
  3. Comprehension of principles of health economics and hospital management
  4. Understanding of interventions to promote health and prevent diseases as envisioned in National and State Health Programmes
  5. Understanding of physical, social, psychological, economic and environmental determinants of health and disease
  6. Ability to recognise and manage common health problems including physical, emotional and social aspects at individual family and community level in the context of National Health Programmes
  7. Ability to Implement and monitor National Health Programmes in the primary care setting
  8. Knowledge of maternal and child wellness as they apply to national health care priorities and programmes
  9. Ability to recognize, investigate, report, plan and manage community health problems including malnutrition and emergencies.