Interdepartmental meetings/Integrated Teaching/PG Rotation

Integrated Teaching Program for III/I MBBS for academic semester 1/2/2020 to 31/7/2020

Month Date & Day Time Topic Subtopic Department involved
March 2020 17/03/2020 Tuesday 2-4 pm Tuberculosis (Epidemiology, Prevention and Management) 1. Microbiology and laboratory diagnosis of M. TB Microbiology
2. Salient features of RNTCP Community Medicine
3. Treatment of tuberculosis Respiratory Medicine
April 2020 13/4/2020 Monday 2-4 pm Acute Diarrhoeal diseases 1. Microorganisms causing acute diarrhoeal diseases Microbiology
2. Prevention & control of ADD Community Medicine
3. Clinical management of dehydration in children Paediatrics
June 2020 15/06/2020 Monday 2-4 pm Dengue fever Pathogenesis and haematological parameters of dengue fever Pathology
Epidemiology and prevention Community Medicine
Clinical case management Medicine
July 2020 13/7/2020 Monday 2-4 pm Blindness Epidemiology of blindness Community Medicine
Clinical features of Vitamin A deficiency, Trachoma & overview of eye-donation Ophthalmology
National Program for the control of blindness (NPCB) Community Medicine