Instruments/ Equipments

S.No. Equipments No. Required
(A) General
1 Electro Convulsive Therapy (E.C.T.) machine preferably with ECG & EEG monitoring 1
2 EEG Machine (may be shared with medicine department) 1
3 ECT Machine without Monitor 2
4 EEG Machine (may be shared with medicine/neurology department) 1
5 Lithium Analyzer (may be shared with clinical pathology department) 1
6 Bio Feed-Back Instruments (sets) 1
7 Thin Layer Chromatography (for drug dependence treatment) (may be shared with other departments or in Central Research lab) 1
8 Alcohol Breath Analyzer 1
(B) Psychological Tests Equipment
9 a) Projective Tests 3
10 b) Intelligence Tests 3
11 c) Personality Tests 3
12 d) Neuro Psychological Tests 3
13 Multi Media Projector with Screen 1
Note: ECT treatment room to be equipped with the basic anesthesia machine with ventilating circuit, monitors, ECG/ETCO2 and PaO2, noninvasive BP monitoring equipment for resuscitation, intubation, ventilation and suction.