Instruments/ Equipments

Sr. No. Equipment’s
(A) General
1. Electro Convulsive Therapy (E.C.T.) machine preferably with ECG & EEG monitoring
2. ECT Machine without Monitor
3. EEG Machine (may be shared with medicine department)
4. Lithium Analyser (may be shared with clinical pathology department)
5. Bio Feed-Back Instruments (sets)
6. EEG Machine (may be shared with medicine/neurology department)
7. Alcohol Breath Analyser
8. Thin Layer Chromatography (for drug dependence treatment) (may be shared with other departments or in Central Research lab)
9. Ophthalmoscope
(B) Psychological Tests Equipment
10. a) Projective Tests
11. b) Intelligence Tests
12. c) Personality Tests
13. d) Neuro Psychological Tests
14. Multi Media Projector with Screen