Inter-departmental/Integrated teaching/PG Rotation

  • Intra & Inter Departmental activity 2019-2020

The activity is conducted on IInd/ IIIrd Wednesday’s .The teachers from respective department were invited as per the topic.

Sr. no. Date Topic Department
1. 19/06/19 Delirium Medical course and its related psychiatric aspect Medicine
2. 14/08/19 MRI- Dementia protocol Radiology
3. 18/09/19 Diabetes- General aspects and psychosocial issue Medicine
4. 20/10/19 Cerebro-vascular accidents and its Neuropsychiatric aspects Medicine
5. 18/12/19 Brain tumors and its Neuropsychiatric aspects Medicine
6. 19/02/20 Neuropsychiatric aspects of Parkinson disease Medicine
7. 11/03/20 Structural and functional brain imaging in schizophrenia Radiology
8. 20/05/20 Neuropsychiatric aspects of other infectious diseases Medicine
  • Integrated Learning

 UG Integrated – Brain Death and Organ Donation- Counseling

Sr. No. Date /Time Topic Department
1. 09.03.2020

1 0:00 am to 12:00pm

Introduction Medicine
Counseling Psychiatry
Surgical principle of organ transplant Surgery
Eye donation Ophthalmology
Rules & Ethics of organ donation PSM

PG Integrated 

Sr. No. Date /Time Topic Department
1. 22nd November 2019

11:00 am

Pathophysiology &, Psychopharmacology of Depression. Pharmacology
Clinical presentation & Treatment of Depression. Psychiatry
Medical Comorbidities in Depression Medicine

Schedule of PG Rotation for MD Psychiatry for the Academic year 2019-2020

Year Name of Course Department Rotation Duration
2019-2020 Degree Psychiatry Neurology 2 months
Emergency Medicine/ Internal Medicine 2 month
Consultation Liaison Psychiatry 3 months
 Psychiatric hospital and Forensic Psychiatry 1 month
Clinical Psychology 1 month
Addiction Psychiatry 3 months
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 4 months
Community psychiatry 2 months