Research Activity of Department

Sr. No. Year Title of  Thesis Name of Student Name of the Guide Status
1. 2016 -2018 “To study the psychiatric morbidity in patients with multidrug resistant tuberculosis.”  

Dr. Rohan Shah


Dr. BSV Prasad Completed
2. 2016 -2018 “Prospective study of psychiatric morbidity & evaluation of Quality of life in patients undergoing hysterectomy.” Dr. Gautami Nagabhairava


Dr. S. G. Gupte


3. 2017 -2019 “Study of psychiatric morbidity in patients having COPD.” Dr. Amandeep Singh Dr. M.G. Bhirud Completed
4. 2017 -2019 “Psychiatric morbidity, quality of life & coping mechanism among the patients of primary headache” Dr. Shuchi Pande Dr. S.G. Gupte


5. 2018 -2020 “Study of psychiatric morbidity in survivors of cerebrovascular stroke at a tertiary care centre ” Dr. Aishwary Raj Dr. S.G. Gupte


6. 2019 -2021 “Study of prevalence of Anxiety and Depression in clinically obese patients at a tertiary care center.” Dr. Abhishek Samarth Dr. A.S. Bharati


7. 2019 -2021 “Study of psychiatric co morbidities of patients admitted in Intensive care unit of a tertiary care center.” Dr. Nishant  Manka Dr. M.G. Bhirud Ongoing
8. 2020 -2022 “A Cross Sectional Study of Psychopathologies and Caregiver burden in caregivers of schizophrenia and bipolar mood disorder patients in out-patient department at a Tertiary care center.” Dr. Bhavik Chheda Dr. A.S. Bharati Ongoing
9. 2020 -2022 “A Cross Sectional study of Psychiatric Disorders Among patients of Diabetes Mellitus at a Tertiary Health Care Center.” Dr. Tejeswini Vasave Dr. M.G. Bhirud Ongoing
10. 2020 -2022


“A Cross Sectional study of Psychiatric morbidity in traumatic brain injury at a Tertiary Health Care Center.” Dr. Rupali Shinde Dr. S.G. Gupte Ongoing